Preesall home cinema and gym facing bulldozers

A homeowner will have to demolish part of his house because he did not have planning permission for an area of the first floor.

Wednesday, 8th August 2018, 8:28 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th August 2018, 9:33 am
The house in Preesall.

Stewart Edge had the detached home built on land behind the Saracens Head pub on Park Lane in Preesall.

He was granted planning permission by Wyre Council in July last year for a detached home but he built a first floor area with a gym and cinema not in the original plans.

The Council issued an enforcement notice to Mr Edge in August last year for breach of planning control, ordering him to remove the first floor area.

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It is behind the Saracens Head pub.

He was also ordered to remove three first floor windows which were installed contrary to the planning permission.

Mr Edge told The Gazette, his neighbours, who he bought the land off, approved the plans prior to his purchase but they have now objected since the building went up. He added: “I wish I had never bothered with the thing now.”

Mr Edge launched an appeal against Wyre’s decision but this was dismissed and the enforcement notice stands.

Inspector Alastair Phillips said: “Under the current enforcement notice, it is clear to me that the alleged breach relates to the issue of the difference between what was authorised and what has been built on site - and specifically that the operational development constructed, not in compliance with the approved plans, constitutes a material breach of planning control.

Wyre Council have outlined the planning changes needed.

“However, if the appellant (Mr Edge) complied with the notice as originally drafted, he would obtain an unconditional planning permission.”

Mr Phillips also judged that the house was close enough to nearby homes to mean that the three windows, which can be opened and are made of clear glass, overlook the properties and have a “harmful” effect on neighbours’ privacy.

Although Mr Edge had attempted to rectify this by screwing the windows down and coating them, it was deemed this did not go far enough.

Mr Philips agreed with the amended wording of the notice that the ‘carrying out of building operations was not in compliance with approved plans’.

A spokesman from Wyre Council added: “Mr Edge needs to remove a section of the first floor and replace three of the first floor windows. He has until the October 20 to comply with this.”