What you've been saying about £24m tram proposal

One of the most prickly subjects in Blackpool at the moment '“ apart from the running of Blackpool FC of course '“ is the bus station.

Monday, 26th September 2016, 11:38 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:54 pm
Coun. Simon Blackburn

Or more accurately, the lack of one.

Blackpool’s planned £24m redevlopment of the Wilko’s site into a tram terminal linking Blackpool North station to the Prom has caused much controversy. with many saying a lack of a bus station in the area is an own goal.

Responding to these concerns, council leader Simon Blackburn confirmed that while there are no plans for a bus station, Blackpool Transport is in talks to create a bus hub similar to the one on Market Street.

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The new tramway extension for Blackpool

But it seemed this was a concession that few accepted - with talk returning to whether a tram line extension was wanted at all.

Here’s your views

He’s right that we need a forward thinking transport policy.

We are lucky enough to have a tram service so let’s take advantage of it.

The new tramway extension for Blackpool

Seasiders Fan

Blackburn complains that there is no money available for public services but can find somewhere between £2m and £7.6M for a new train set

Ye Olde Cynic

In these hard times with Tory cuts I would question this expense, Blackburn once again likens himself to one of the towns founding fathers, just how many full time jobs will this very small stretch of tram track attract?

Just how far has the town come Mr Blackburn?

Most would say it is in decline a few council offices with plenty of spare space are hardly what the town needs.

Blackpool Cardy

Great news the roads will run more smoother without all the taxis blocking it

BNK Removals

Hopefully this means that the trams will run along Dickson Road, to complete the third side of the triangle. Otherwise things will get in a heck of a piggle. Plus it means Dickson Road, currently a backwater, will be returned to prosperity, so win win win all round.

Michael Worsley

As a resident of Fleetwood with a disabled family member, transport is often very difficult. Getting to the rail network by bus is a challenge, as often they are not disabled accommodating. The trams however have been a breath of fresh air, with easy wheelchair access, comfortable seating and friendly staff. Providing a service from Fleetwood, even if not direct, would be much easier than having to walk down Talbot Road or use hit or miss bus facilities.

Rossall Tangerine

It’s a shame there will be no bus station as every town encouraging the use of public transport has one. However, as long as the hub is an improvement on the one one in Market Street and hopefully replaces it, that should be fine.


Bus station would just make more congestion, do we really want them turning in off the road blocking traffic frequently when there are already stops in the area?

Suzie Scott

We need our streets and pavements repairing and cleaning , grass cutting and more play areas for kids. NOT a new tram line

Sharon Sheehan

A cheap excuse for a bus station in other words then?

Dave Rawcliffe

Unfortunately the money can’t be spent on anything else.

Sue McGuinness

I can never understand why so many people are against any regeneration and progress to this dying town, jump on a train and go and look at Manchester to see what’s gone on there in the last 20 years with its ever growing tram system.

At last Blackpool is being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Bill Ellis

We certainly need one, it helps the whole town. A bus station would be better than the trams

Ann O’Donnell