Resort's new mayor achieves 30-year ambition

Coun Ian Coleman is given his chains of officeCoun Ian Coleman is given his chains of office
Coun Ian Coleman is given his chains of office
Blackpool's new mayor has taken office promising to use his comedy connections to raise thousands of pounds for good causes in the resort.

Coun Ian Coleman was sworn in as Blackpool’s first citizen, fulfilling a 30-year ambition for the long-serving councillor.

As he took office he paid tribute to the late Tony Brown, who was in line to take up the office before his death in October last year.

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Coun Coleman said: “I just want to take a moment to think about him.

“He would not only have been an excellent major but an excellent ambassador for Blackpool.”

Before he was sworn into office, Coun Coleman was proposed as mayor by Coun Mark Smith.

His nomination was seconded by daughter Coun Debbie Coleman.

She said: “He is friendly, funny and outgoing.

“His support for local charities is there for all to see.

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“As long as he doesn’t ask me to call him worshipful every time I make a cup of tea I am happy to second him.”

The new mayor said: “I have been waiting for this for more than 30 years and never did I think it would happen.

“I’m the most priviliged man in the world today.”

He had invited many of Blackpool’s showbiz stars to the mayor making ceremony.

And he made clear they would be put to work in the year ahead, raising cash for his chosen charities – with 10 per cent of cash raised going to the Royal British Legion and the other 90 per cent to Blackpool Carers Centre.

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Coun Coleman added: “Entertainers are the lifeblood of Blackpool and are one of the great reasons Blackpool is the entertainment capital of all our resorts.

“I will put great skills to use for great causes.

“I want everybody to come to know we are a town of generous people.”

He named his son, Coun Gary Coleman as deputy mayor for the 12 months to come.

The mayor said: “I’ve known him for many year although his mother has known him for a few seconds longer.

“He is experienced in the role. He has served as deputy to two previous mayors.

“I know he will be a wonderful ambassador for Blackpool.”

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