New regulation proposed for doggy day care businesses

The growing doggy day care industry is set to be brought into line with commercial kennels should Wyre Council approve new proposals.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 23rd February 2017, 9:59 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 9:04 am
The dog day care sector could come under closer scrutity
The dog day care sector could come under closer scrutity

The authority is set to decide on Thursday whether or not to introduce licencing for commercial day boarding establishments, including those run out of people’s homes.

Such establishments have, up to now, operated outside of the licencing system.

If approved anyone setting up a doggy day care business would have to pay a £140 fee and ensure their business meets the same strict standards which apply to traditional kennels.

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A Wyre Council spokesman said: “The council has been approached by the owner of a commercial property who wishes to open a facility that would provide daytime accommodation for a number of dogs while their owners are at work or way from the home.

“Day boarding of dogs is an activity that has not previously been licensed.

“The standard licence condition for traditional dog boarding establishments were not written with dog day car centres in mind.”

Wyre Council has adapted existing rules to come up with a new framework which is says will ensure ‘animal health and welfare are maintained’.

Under the new rules establishments would have to be inspected and would be subject to a fee of £140.

A report prepared for members of the licensing committee says councillors can choose not to proceed with the proposals.

However it warns such a decision could mean ‘irresponsible proprietors may not provide the best facilities for animals in their care.’ warning of ‘possible harm’ to animals.

A decision on whether to introduce a doggy day care licensing scheme will be made when councillors meet at Wyre Civic Centre in Breck Road, Poulton,tonight.