NATIONAL: Ukip leader ousted after less than six months in the job

Henry Bolton. Photo: Aaron Chown/PA Wire.
Henry Bolton. Photo: Aaron Chown/PA Wire.

The leader of political party Ukip, Henry Bolton, has been removed after a no confidence motion.

Activists had gathered in Birmingham today (Saturday, February 17) to decide whether to support a no confidence motion in the embattled leader.

Ukip will now face a fresh leadership election within 90 days.

Outgoing chairman Paul Oakden said: "Henry Bolton has been removed by the democratic decision of the membership."

The NEC will shortly decide on an interim leader and "a leadership election will take place within 90 days".

Prior to the motion, Henry Bolton said: "It's not about whether I go, specifically, it's about whether or not the party goes through another leadership contest and an interim leadership beforehand."