'It's not their money to give away!' - Social media reaction to Labour's election pledge to give Blackpool residents free entry to attractions

The news that Labour has pledged to give Blackpool residents free access to attractions in the resort if re-elected has come under fire from both the Tory opposition and readers alike.

Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 12:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 12:49 pm
Labour leader Simon Blackburn

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Labour election pledge to give Blackpool residents free entry to attractions com...

Tony Williams, leader of the Conservative group in the town, has warned that the promise was “potentially contravening election regulations” and questioned how it could be funded.

He said people would rather money was spent on essential services “than a free go on a ghost train”, and many of you agree.

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Here are just some of your comments:

"Typical labour, free stuff for everyone. Except that nothing is free, someone, somewhere is paying for it."Nadine Mason

"Labour can offer whatever it likes, I still won't vote for them."Nigel Jurgens

"Why all of a sudden can they make this offer now when it was never available before; is my question."Celia Walsh

"It's not their money to give away!"Gary Morgan

"Remain or leave democracies DEAD won't vote for any of the mainstream parties."Carl Lawton

"The inept bumbling administration of Blackpool Labour shoots itself in the foot yet again. Mr. Williams is quite right to call them to account over farcical promises that may well actually be illegal. Neither party will have my vote after the Brexit Fiasco though."Jonnymac Mcnicholas

"Typical of Blackburn ! And Labour ..Insulting our Intelligence. As ifffff!!!!"Irene James

"Ghost train? Wasn't it the Tory run council which originally splurged 300k on that really, really unsuccessful venture?"Jim Yates

"We are not bothered about free attractions just do your jobs and tidy the place up."Andrew Mackenzie

"Rewards for votes."Mike Adamson