Here's how you could be affected by price hikes across Wyre next year

Families wishing to bury their loved one's ashes in Wyre on a Saturday face paying an extra fee, it was revealed.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 10:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 10:39 am
Fleetwood cemetery
Fleetwood cemetery

The proposed sum comes amid a spike in demand for weekend services, and is part of a planned hike in fees and prices for services across the borough, documents showed.

Wyre Council said its cemetery service made a £10,820 loss last year, with “the majority of fees” set to be raised by “approximately one per cent” in a bid to break even.

“The introduction of a new fee for interment of cremated remains on a Saturday is proposed owing to demand,” a report by several council 
bosses said. It did not say what the sum could be.

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Fees for public burials will remain the same, except for a certificate needed for stillborn babies or those who died before turning a month old. The columbarium fees, including inscriptions, will be frozen “to encourage sales of new units rather than grave space, which is of limited supply”, the report said. “It is also recommended that fees for memorial mushroom plaques and sundial and baby garden plaques remain constant to promote sales.”

The report is set to go before the overview and scrutiny committee at 6pm on Monday, when it will be debated, and also outlines a number of other increases.

They include hiring rates at the Marine Hall being increased by £50, while hiring the Marine Cafe, Waterfront Room, or Wyre Bar could cost an extra £50 per hour. Car boot charges are also set to rise by £5, while wakes at Thornton Little Theatre could cost £150, up from £100.

Bowling fees will be frozen, as would market fees in Poulton and Cleveleys, but playing field fees are set to rise by 2.4 per cent.

The car park in Derby Road West, in Cleveleys, could be turned into a long-stay car park, with fresh charges of £1 for an hour, £2 for three, and £3.50 for all day.