General Election 2019: These are the six candidates looking for your vote in Blackpool south - here is what they are promising voters

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Brexit looks set to be one of the main issues for voters in Blackpool South where Labour’s Gordon Marsden is hoping to retain the seat he has held since 1997.

At the 2017 General Election, Mr Marsden won with a majority of 2,523 with a turnout of 59.8 per cent. The seat is a target for the Conservatives who will need a swing of 3.61 per cent to clinch it. Here’s what the six candidates are offering voters.

Scott Benton (Con)

The choice at this election is between a majority Conservative government that will end the confusion in Parliament, get Brexit done, and let the country move on – or a hung Parliament bringing more confusion and Corbyn in Downing Street.

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Could Brexit be a deciding factor in the Blackpool South election?Could Brexit be a deciding factor in the Blackpool South election?
Could Brexit be a deciding factor in the Blackpool South election?

It’s a two horse race here in Blackpool South between Conservative and Labour.

No other party can win here. If just 1,262 people switch to vote Conservative we will win. This will mean that Brexit can be delivered and we can move on to focus on your priorities.

More money for our local NHS and better services at Victoria Hospital. More police on the beat and a permanent police base in South Shore. More money for local schools and Blackpool

Airport re-opened for commercial passenger flights. I will work to bring about this positive vision for Blackpool. I’ll be a full time local MP who will listen to your views, implement your wishes and put the interests of Blackpool first.

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A vote for any other candidate will risk a Corbyn Government. This would mean the chaos of two more referendums, higher taxes, borrowing and debt, and massive pressure on our public services through Labour’s plans for unlimited immigration.

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General Election 2019: These are the five candidates looking for your vote in Bl...

Despite the overwhelming number of MPs who in 2016 voted to implement Article 50, the last Parliament failed to secure our exit.

Boris Johnson hails the Withdrawal Agreement as a ‘breakthrough’, but it keeps us tied to EU institutions forever and locked into the trade talks that will likely last for at least three years.

The Liberal Democrats shamelessly campaign to reverse the referendum result. A Labour Party in total disarray, proposing EU renegotiation and an additional referendum, the sure way to total chaos.

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We need a strong voice to exercise real power for a real Northern Powerhouse, not a tired Tory slogan from a Tory Party that has shown scant regard for our proud towns.

Every day shows the Northern Powerhouse for what it is; empty words, with the North-South divide denying us a fair crack of the whip on law and order, funds for regeneration, the NHS, integrated transport and an education system that equips young people for a rewarding working life.

Vote for The Brexit Party to secure our exit from the EU and help us guide our country into a prosperous future.

Gary Coleman (Ind)

I will vote in Parliament to leave the EU.

The main political parties in the UK are completely discredited, they put their own party interests ahead of the people that they are supposed to represent. Blackpool South residents need an Independent MP who will work only for what is best for them and their community.

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I have lived in Blackpool South for over 40 years and I know so many people are looking for a viable alternative to the tired old parties. In Parliament I will fight for Blackpool’s cause at every opportunity.

I will do all within my power to help make Blackpool a place that we can all be proud to call home. I want to make our wonderful town a place where residents are listened to and decent people choose to live in, work in and visit. I will work to improve and keep safe the NHS, invest properly in our police and emergency services and bring investment into Blackpool.

There is absolutely no reason why your MP has to come from one of the main political parties. In fact there are many good reasons why they shouldn’t.

Becky Daniels (Green)

I am an advocate of child-centred learning, I believe children and young people should have a platform to express their views on the curriculum.

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The current educational climate puts pressure on both teachers and students to perform to a critically high standard which often leaves students left behind.

I believe it is vital that young people have access to spaces and opportunities outside of school and the home in order to develop personal and social skills.

I will fight for the NHS, working to avoid further funding cuts and to ensure we have enough services available to support those within our communities.

Blackpool is currently one of the most deprived areas in the country.

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With the introduction of an appropriate living wage and the introduction of universal basic income this would go along way towards a more equal society.

Blackpool declared a climate emergency in June 2019, and this marks the beginning of a bright future but we still have far to go to ensure we are doing enough to protect the future for our children.

The Green Party prioritises investment in renewable energy, home insulation and clean public transport as part of its Green New Deal, something that will create long-term employment opportunities.

Bill Greene (Lib Dem)

Liberal Democrats want to stop Brexit.

As a country we do not agree on what Brexit means. All we do is talk and talk about what we think it means without agreeing.

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If Brexit is not stopped, we cannot stop the terrible impact it will have on jobs and the wider society.

Those MPs who want Brexit do not agree on the impact. They continue to argue about what kind of Brexit they want. They will put the NHS up for sale and lower food safety standards to appease Donald Trump.

Stop Brexit so the money saved can be spent where it is most needed – in the NHS, money saved can be spent on minimising the effects of climate change, in our schools making our children’s future better and so that our economy can grow faster and put more money in our pockets.

To have money spent on the NHS, climate change and schools to make us richer in the future vote Liberal Democrat.

Gordon Marsden (Lab)

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Decent jobs, supporting older people, those with disabilities ,safer streets, transformative new money for our NHS, schools – all priorities for Blackpool’s future.

In my years as your MP, I’ve helped bring investment here like our modern tramway and the Vic’s cardiac unit. But a decade of Tory austerity has cut £750m from Blackpool – hitting many in work, not just the vulnerable – from 1,500 individual cases I’ve taken on since 2017.

Nationally, I’ve influenced Labour’s plans expanding Sure Starts, schools, adult retraining, further education, apprenticeships – all crucial to Blackpool. A £10 an hour living wage, ending in-work poverty. Restoring NHS bursaries, student grant , scrapping tuition fees.Having run a successful small business , I’d put Blackpool’s frontline for Green New Deal jobs. I ve also

consistently opposed fracking.

Blackpool needs Labour’s affordable homes – and extra police officers – reversing cuts, cracking down on knife crime .

I’ll use my experience to fight Blackpool’s corner – healing divisions and bringing hope .