"This is disgusting": Blackpool reacts to the new trees on Cookson Street that cost £10,000 each

New trees planted on Cookson Street that cost £10,000 each have been called "disgusting" by readers.

Friday, 28th June 2019, 1:09 pm
Each tree is reported to have cost 10,000.

The total cost of the council-funded scheme to introduce the 10 trees is over £100,000.

Councillors at a full council meeting were shocked by the figures, but Coun Gillian Campbell insisted that the expensive trees "were picked because they will withstand the elements in Blackpool - wind, pollution and rain."

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Each tree is reported to have cost 10,000.

Readers reacted with fury to the news of the expenditure:

"Words fail me! Do the council think twice before wasting our money - obviously not!!" - John Scarlett, Facebook.

"This council amazes me. The person that agreed to pay that amount for trees should foot the bill themselves." - Michelle Hodgson, Facebook.

"How ridiculous, they could have planted a whole forest somewhere else for that amount. They should foot the bill themselves to make up for such incompetence!" - Hilary Madeley, Facebook.

The new trees on Cookson Street in central Blackpool.

"This is disgusting, no common sense. The council people involved in this need to go." Julie Sharp, Facebook.

"Lets see some receipts and proof, I think it is time for the fraud squad to make a visit, don't you?" - Brian Warrender, Facebook.