Conservatives relieved after Maynard retains Blackpool North seat

Paul Maynard retained Blackpool North and Cleveleys for the Conservatives with a reduced majority but said despite that he was delighted to have received nearly half the vote in the constituency.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 7:02 am
Updated Friday, 9th June 2017, 5:23 pm
Paul Maynard wins Blackpool North and Cleveleys in the 2017 Parlimentary Election

He said the outcome demonstrated a return to a two-party system with the smaller parties falling by the wayside.

The result was declared at around 2.30am, with Mr Maynard winning by a majority of 2,023 votes over Labour’s Chris Webb in second place.

Turnout was just over 64 per cent.

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Mr Maynard, who has now been elected for the third time, said: “I won more votes than my previous two elections and took almost half the vote, so I’m pleased with that.

“I think it represents the gradual return to a two-party system.”

He credited his hard work over his previous seven years for his success.

He said: “I think the fact I have worked hard this past seven years and focused on what matters to the people I represent and not just what matters to me in Westminster has paid off.

“I think people remember that and how I’m there for people.

“Many people have been concerned about Brexit but an election is based on more than one issue.

“What they wanted was confidence, certainty and stability.

“People also want us to take care about the most vulnerable in society and it’s important the Conservatives remember that.”

Labour’s Chris Webb said while he was disappointed not to be elected, he was pleased to have increased the Labour vote by 4,000 in the two years since the last General Election.

He said: “I think we ran a very positive campaign based on local issues people raised with me on the doorstep and through social media.

“I was really pleased about the number of young people who had got involved and there were definitely more young people going to the polling stations.

“And that’s good for Blackpool and good for democracy.

“I was up against an incumbent MP who had been in the seat seven years and had a lot of resources.

“I ran my campaign from nothing and I’m very proud of all the hard work of the volunteers and local residents.”

UKIP came in third place ahead of the Lib Dems and the Green Party, but the three smallers parties attracted less then seven per cent of the total vote.