Blackpool Council supports proposed wind farm in 'battle against climate change'

Offshore infrastructure, such as one set to be built off the coast of Blackpool, is necessary in order to meet the UK's demand for renewable energy, the council said today.

By Rebecca Beardmore
Tuesday, 9th February 2021, 3:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th February 2021, 4:26 pm

Energy firm Offshore Wind Limited, a partnership between Spain's Cobra Group and Flotation Energy, is set to build an offshore wind farm 17 miles off Blackpool's coast, it was announced yesterday.

The company secured its bid for sea space 17 miles off the coast of the resort with a deposit of £44,751,840, paid to the Crown Estate.

However, it is not possible to specify dimensions of the proposed wind turbines or how many square miles they will cover until developers begin to draw up more detailed plans.

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Blackpool Council welcomed news of a wind farm 17 miles off the resort's coast, and said renewable energy was important in the battle against climate change. Picture: Daniel Martino/JPI Media

It came after the Government outlined its Ten Point Plan in November last year, drawn up in a bid to advance offshore wind and bring the UK closer to net-zero carbon emissions.

The plans were welcomed by Blackpool Council, which recognised the importance of offshore infrastructure to tackle climate change.

John Blackledge, Blackpool Council's director of community and environmental services, said: "As a council, we regularly monitor efforts to address the UK's need to meet demand for renewable energy and recognise that there is a need for offshore infrastructure as we move forward in our battle against climate change.

"As part of our own climate emergency declaration, we have set long-term objectives to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and implement 100% clean energy across our full range of functions by 2030. We welcome any ideas that will contribute towards a sustained reduction in emissions."

Mr Blackledge also gave a nod to the view from Blackpool's beaches - something which could be changed forever by the construction of over 100 wind turbines on the horizon.

"Although we do not anticipate that these plans would have a detrimental effect on any of our coastline's heritage assets, we of course take great pride in the view from our beautiful coastline and await further information on these proposals with interest." he said.