Blackpool Council could face b&b repair bills

Some b&bs used to take homeless people off the streets in Blackpool during lockdown have suffered damage, it has been claimed.
The Alumhurst HotelThe Alumhurst Hotel
The Alumhurst Hotel

It is feared the council could face a bill for repairs to some of the 11 guesthouses used to accommodate people after emergency beds were found for up to 400 people at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coun Gerard Walsh told a meeting of the full council: “A number of the hotels are looking distressed due to the events that have taken place.

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“Is the council going to undertake the work so people coming back to the resort can be assured they are staying in a safe place?”

Coun Tony Williams added: “I understand the government won’t be funding the cost of damage to these hotels and some have suffered a lot of damage.

“For example the Alumhurst is in a bad way and I don’t think it will open again. If the government aren’t going to do it, who will?”

Coun Neal Brookes, cabinet member for housing said only 47 homeless people were still housed in b&bs as of July 14, with those in the central holiday area moved out first.

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He said the plan was to rehouse everybody, and so far only four people have returned to living on the streets.

Coun Brookes said at the moment he did not know who would be responsible for any repair bills, but the council would be bidding for additional funding which the government had announced for supporting homeless people post-lockdown.

Hoteliers in the central holiday area were angry when scores of homeless people were found emergency accommodation in b&bs in the area which they said had led to outbreaks of anti-social behaviour.

A previous council meeting heard police were called to incidents including stabbings and street brawls.