Police warning at Blackpool nightclub's bid for 6am licence

Mark Nordwind outside Home and HQ
Mark Nordwind outside Home and HQ
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Blackpool police are objecting to a nightclub owner’s bid to extend their venue’s opening hours from 4am to 6am.

Nordwind Developments Ltd wants to sell alcohol for an additional two hours at Home and HQ in Talbot Square, Blackpool, on Friday and Saturday nights.

Police licensing chiefs are opposing the application on the grounds it will exacerbate alcohol-fuelled violence in the area.

A town hall hearing is due to be held on Tuesday to decide the application.

Police say the club is well managed, but despite this it attracts anti-social behaviour which is putting a strain on emergency services.

Figures show between last August and January this year, police were called to 147 incidents between 2am and 7am including fights and assaults in streets between Abingdon Street, Springfield Road, the Promenade and Birley Street.

Of those incidents, 38 have been recorded at the premises of Home and HQ.

In her report to next week’s hearing, Blackpool licensing sergeant Helen Parkinson says despite the club “being one of the best runs venues it already has issues with crime and disorder.

“Adding a further two hours of drinking time will only exacerbate this further.”

She warns increasing the hours “would lead to further alcohol fuelled crime and disorder and contribute to the stress and further burden on the emergency services.”

Club operator Mark Nordwind said the club abided by all the licensing rules imposed on it.

He added: “The police are very pleased with the way we run the club and we meet every month with licensing.

“But we need a 6am licence if we are going to attract the best DJs and talent otherwise people will go to clubs in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds instead of Blackpool.

“People go out later and stay out later now.”