Word spreading worldwide about farm life in Lytham

Tom Pemberton the family farm at Ballam Road, Lytham - complete with drone cameraTom Pemberton the family farm at Ballam Road, Lytham - complete with drone camera
Tom Pemberton the family farm at Ballam Road, Lytham - complete with drone camera
Who knew life on the farm could be so interesting?

Lytham farmer Tom Pemberton has been keeping the world informed about his work on his own YouTube channel and has racked up a staggering 22m views.

He is attracting an ever-growing audience with his online bulletins about life on the farm in Ballam Road and his endeavours earned him the Digital Innovator prize at the 2018 British Farming Awards.

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The 26-year-old’s twice-weekly reports on farm matters the Tom Pemberton Farm Life channel had almost 40,000 subscribers when he received the award just over 12 months ago.

Now it is almost three times that at 118,500 – and the videos have been viewed more than 22m times since they started three years ago.

Interest has come from all over the world, while various UK-based followers have made the trip to Lytham to meet Tom in person at the farm - and he has even been recognised in the street in Ireland’s capital.

Along with his own regular bulletins, he is working with various farming organisations to spread the word about mental health in the industry as well as health and safety on the farm.

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“The reach of the internet is quite staggering,” said Tom, whose channel began with a video report on the installation of a raw milk machine at the farm, which attracted some 12,000 views.

That was followed by the opening of a farm shop, which has proved a very popular attraction at the premises, open seven days a week.

He added: “I never imagined we would attract such great numbers but the interest is all very welcome and our online presence certainly helps to increase awareness and boost business.

“Along with that there is the feedback - the people from miles away who come along to take a look at the farm for themselves and the recognition, which appears to increasing.

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“I was in Ireland for a Young Farmers’ Conference not too long ago and I was recognised walking down the street – a surprise at the time but really good to know they watch the bulletins.”

Tom took over managing the farm from dad Andrew some five years ago and is eager to make the most of technology to develop the business for the future.

“The industry is still seen as being very traditional,” he said.

“I love farming and am really proud of all the family history there is here - it is exciting to have the technology available to keep the business growing.

“The farm shop is proving very popular, and that kind of diversification is vital to building for the future.”