When urban explorers entered a derelict Blackpool hotel they were not expecting to find this huge hoard

An ‘urban explorer’ who traverses remains of derelict structures for fun discovered hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer stashed away in a boarded-up hotel on North Promenade.

Daniel Sims, 33, from Huddersfield, and his friend Steve Ruddy found the enormous supply inside the New Hackett’s Hotel just north of Gynn Square during an expedition in Blackpool last week.

The 100-bedroom hotel has stood derelict since 2018 after the company which owned it went into liquidation.

In December 2020, a fire ripped through the upper part of the building, sparking a huge response from Blackpool, South Shore, Bispham, Fleetwood, St Annes, Lytham and Preesall stations.

Hundreds of hand sanitizer bottles found inside the New Hacketts Hotel

It was boarded up in May last year after neighbouring B&B owners complained to Blackpool Council about fly-tipping and vandalism.

Daniel, who documents his urban explorations on YouTube under the name Bearded Reality, said: "The place itself was quite run down, rooms were destroyed and going through you could tell a big fire had happened there. This was on the upper floors.

"When we got down to the lower floors, the place had been vandalised and trashed, but we saw somebody had hoarded thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer from the start of the pandemic. It looks like someone had amassed a small shop there.

"There were mannequins stacked up behind the bar and all over the place. I assumed somebody had been using it as a place for buying and selling things. We went through the property and found evidence that someone had been sleeping there.”

The New Hacketts Hotel on North Promenade

Why someone decided to hoard the hand sanitizers in the New Hackett remains a mystery, as the closure of the hotel predates the outbreak of Covid-19 in Britain in early 2020.

At that time, the demand for hand sanitizer soared, resulting in some people purchasing thousands of bottles in the hope of making a quick buck by selling them second hand for massively inflated prices.

Daniel said: “It instantly took me back to the early days of the pandemic when people were hoarding these things and selling them off for major profit.”

Mannequins found in the New Hacketts Hotel

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