We feed our enormous family for £1.69 a head: Britain and Lancashire's biggest family the Radfords, from Morecambe, visit Blackpool supermarket Food Warehouse for weekly shop

Lancashire’s biggest family the Radfords visited a Blackpool supermarket and revealed how they feed their enormous family during the cost of living crisis – and offer up a few budgeting tips.

By Nicola Adam
Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 12:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 2:41 pm

The Radford family, from Morecambe, visited The Food Warehouse store in Blackpool to prove they can feed their family for just £1.69 a head.

During their visit they focused on deals including four for £30 on 24 pack of cans, three for £10 on big brand cereal and a 30pk of eggs for just £2.79.

The family has also shared their top tips on how all families can make meals stretch further.

Parents of Britain’s biggest family, Sue and Noel Radford, on a visit to Alton Towers

The family bagged deals on big packs, including four for £30 on 24 pack of cans, three for £10 on big brand cereal and a 30pk of eggs for just £2.79

Noel and Sue Radford, who have 22 children, took a trip down the aisles and in the video they share with their followers what they are planning to have for dinner, - a tasty Chicken and Broccoli Creamy Pesto pasta dish which the family got at a steal for £1.69 per person.

To make the dish, Noel picked up a big pack of Chicken Breasts (£25, 4.5kg), working out at just 42p per 75g portion and a huge 5kg bag of Corticella Pasta for just £6.00, equating to 8p a portion. Based on a recommended 75g portion, shoppers can enjoy a total of 80 portions for this price.

He also bought Broccoli Florets (£1, 400g or 20p, 80g recommended portion), Sacla’ No.1 Classic Basil Pesto (£2, 190g or 50p per recommended portion), Knorr Chicken Stock Pots (4pk, £1.65 or 41p per pot) and a whopping 4.75kg block of Cheddar Cheese (£20, 4.75kg) to top off the dish, working out at only 12p a 30g portion.

Noel details how his one big pack of chicken will be used for two meals, the pasta dish and a chicken casserole, however a smaller family could enjoy three to four meals out of this pack and mix up ingredients for a variety of dishes and to make meals stretch further.

Looking ahead, The Radfords also bought some big pack Lean Beef Steak Mince Meat (£5.50, 650g) which Noel says will also make another two dinners during the week – a Spaghetti Bolognese and some wraps – showing again how easy and simple it is to buy one big pack item as a staple for the week and enjoy a variety of meals through easy food swaps across the days.

For a Friday Night Fakeaway, the family picked up one of Sue’s favourites, the TGI Fridays Slow Cooked Mini BBQ Ribs (£4.00, 400g) which the family absolutely love. The Food Warehouse stocks a huge range of big brands including TGI Fridays, Greggs, Harry Ramsdens and Chiquito’s meaning shoppers can pick up restaurant quality dishes without the hefty price tag.

Other purchases included two packs of novelty Hula Hoop Frozen Potato Shapes (£1.75, 650g) in BBQ Beef and Original Salted.

The Radfords also picked up a 30 pack of eggs (£2.79) at just under £3 and 6pk Muller Yoghurts (2pks for £4.50)

The Radford family’s top tips for supermarket shopping:

Buy one bigger pack staple item such as chicken or mince and enjoy it multiple ways throughout the week, it’s cost effective and saves you buying multiple ingredients Make a list in advance and plan meals for the weeks ahead so it’s easy to know which items to buy big on – it can help save money in the long run if buying bigger packs is a preference Batch cook meals to help combat food waste – cook meals and then store some in the fridge for lunch the next day or freeze portions for a later date. All the hard work is done, and it results in a quick mid-week meal without any fuss

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