The Traitors contestant Ross from Lancashire spills all following exit

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The final Lancashire contestant on the popular BBC show The Traitors has had his journey cut short just days before the end.

28-year-old video designer Ross Carson from Lytham St Annes was banished by his fellow castle residents on last night’s show (January 24) when they rightly accused him of being a traitor.

Ross was recruited as a traitor only one day before his banishment, but he had another secret to be carrying with him before that - that his mum was actually fellow contestant Diane!

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Take a look below to hear what Ross really thought about doing the show with his mum, his new found traitor status and his other contestants.

How does it feel to be leaving The Traitors at this point?

Ross replied: “We’re near to the end of the game now so leaving at this point feels pretty good as I genuinely thought I wouldn’t make it past day two or three. I was hoping that I wouldn’t be the first one to go so anything after day two, three or four felt like borrowed time.” 

28-year-old video director Ross Carson from Lancashire has been banished from The Traitors. 28-year-old video director Ross Carson from Lancashire has been banished from The Traitors.
28-year-old video director Ross Carson from Lancashire has been banished from The Traitors.

What were Ross’ first impressions upon entering the castle and meeting everyone?

He said: “The castle was amazing. It was huge and the owl was at the top! It’s a spectacle, isn’t it? You can’t help but be impressed. It was decorated amazingly, it kind of felt like I was on Harry Potter.  

“When you’re first meeting everyone you can’t help but size them up a little bit, I’m definitely competitive. Then again, you’re looking at these people knowing you’re sharing this experience together for maybe three weeks and you do have to get on essentially. It was a mixture of emotions but predominantly I was sizing them up at the very start!”

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Although his real mum Diane was in the crowd, Ross also admits he called presenter Claudia Winkleman “Mumma Clauds” and when he met her it was “surreal”.

He added: “I've watched series one, so I sort of felt like I already knew her but when she knew my name it felt odd.”

What was it really like having his mum on the show?

Ross, whose brother is also TV star Kerr Logan, answered: “My mum being there at the start was comforting but also, everyone acts differently in front of their mum, don’t they? I act differently when I'm just with friends as opposed to how I would act if mum was there, so it felt a little bit like that. I knew my mum was keeping a watchful eye, I could feel her gaze on the side of my head every so often. Everyone else was solo which must have been tough whereas I had a familiar face so that was really nice.”

Why did Ross and Diane not want to reveal that they were related?

Ross said: “We didn’t want to reveal we were related because I think it would instantly sow a seed of mistrust. If we had said from the get-go that we were mother and son, I think other people would have thought that it put us at an advantage. As soon as the competition mindset kicks in, it would have made us vulnerable. That was it, we just didn’t want to give anyone any opportunity to vote us out. “

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Ross' mum Diane on The Traitors.Ross' mum Diane on The Traitors.
Ross' mum Diane on The Traitors.

Was Ross happy to be a Faithful initially?

The video designer answered: “I was a little bit on the fence about whether I wanted to be a Traitor or a Faithful before the process started but then it got to the round table and Claudia was walking round us, obviously your senses are heightened with a blindfold on, and my heart was going. I was having that moment saying to myself “Don't make me a Traitor” and every time she walked past me, I could almost feel her hand on my shoulder. I think being a Traitor is hard work, every day you’ve got to switch it on. The whole scenario is intense in itself and I don’t think you need any more added pressure, so I was very much happy to be a Faithful.”

Does that mean Ross did not like being a traitor?

He said: “I am glad I got to play both, but I was a Traitor for a whole two minutes, so I'd have to say I had more fun being a Faithful and trying to wind my mum up as best I could.”

Did he have a strategy going in and did you stick to that?

Ross answered: “Funnily enough, going into the game the only strategy I really had was with my mum. We said we would never reveal that we were mother and son, that we were going to try and link up as much as possible. I didn’t really have a game plan because I didn’t know what to expect. Once the game starts there are so many different things going on and so many people trying to impose their own strategy, your own strategy goes out of the window. I think even if I did have a strategy, your strategy goes out of the window.

What has been Ross' highlight of the whole experience?

He said: "The highlight for me has to be the missions. It's not very often that you get to do those types of things in your life, they were all unique and I love stuff like that. I love testing my physical and mental ability. I love games and competitions, so that was a highlight."

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Ross then added: "Everyone is going to say this but genuinely the people that I've met have been amazing. There is not one person that I've not got on with and the relationships that you make in there are real. I’ve made some friends for life, 100%. All of us are going to have a bond because we have done something that not many people get to do, and we’ve done it together. That’s been a huge highlight but there’s been so many that I couldn’t just say one. "

Ross (pictured on the left) with his fellow contestants during a challenge.Ross (pictured on the left) with his fellow contestants during a challenge.
Ross (pictured on the left) with his fellow contestants during a challenge.

Does he have a most surprising moment?

Ross answered: "It was when Jonny revealed he had one leg. That was the moment where my mind was absolutely blown because I got on the train with him on the first day and you can never judge a book by its cover. I met Jonny and he told me he was a musician and then when he revealed what he had done in his life, which was the military and his story, I just couldn’t believe it! I had gotten it so wrong. I think it’s amazing what he has done and what he’s achieved in his life. I have so much admiration for the lad."

Would Ross have done anything differently?

He joked: “How long have you got? Ha. Of course, I would. There were so many moments where I made mistakes in terms of who I voted for. If I had a magic wand, every one of my votes would have been for a Traitor. In terms of who I was and how I presented myself, what I did at the round table, standing up for my beliefs, being open and honest, and backing people that I really believed in, then no. I don’t think I would have changed anything."  

What was his biggest takeaway?

Ross replied: "Don’t trust anyone! Ha, just kidding. I think my biggest takeaway is to never judge a book by its cover, be open-minded towards people and that all conflict doesn’t necessarily need to end in tears."

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