Swan dies after reportedly being savaged by dog on St Annes boating lake

A swan has died after it was reportedly viciously attacked by a dog that 'ran off with it in its mouth'.

Monday, 2nd August 2021, 2:57 pm
Updated Monday, 2nd August 2021, 3:02 pm
Justin Greenhalgh of Brambles Wildlife Rescue with the swan this morning

It is understood that the incident was witnessed by a woman and her children at the lake next to YMCA St Annes swimming pool late last night. She said she contacted the police and Fylde Council, but was unable to get help.

She said: "It really was disgusting. The dog ran off with the swan in its mouth. It took for a passer-by having no choice but to kick the dog to get it to drop the swan."

The injured swan was seen to get back into the water, and the dog left the scene with its owner.

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Sadly the swan died as a result of its injuries

The incident was reported to Shouth Shore-based Brambles Wildlife Rescue this morning, and the swan picked up at about 11am by sanctuary founder Mel Greenhalgh and her husband Justin.

It was taken to the Veterinary Health Centre on Greenways, where it died 'within five minutes' of its arrival.

Mel said: "The swan was badly injured and had lost a lot of blood. The injuries were on its side, next to its wings. It was so weak I had to carry it on my knee on our way to the vets, because we didn't want it falling over in the cage.

"I think it's very grim when somebody can stand by and watch their animal tear apart another animal, but what's heartwarming is the number of people who have contacted us and have responded to show how angry they are that this has happened, which reassures us that the majority of people are good.

"But it's a sad state of affairs that somebody thinks this is acceptable. It makes you wonder how they treat their animals at home.

"I wasn't surprised the swan passed away, sadly. Any swan that lets you pick it up and doesn't trt to bite you is a worry, because they're known to be quite vicious things. If we had known, we would have gone out to it last night, but it's hard to say whether it would have made a difference or not."