Scouts test their culinary skills on pancake day

Pancake day proved to be a great source of fun for scouts.
Pancake DayPancake Day
Pancake Day

As up and down the country, people joined in with the tradition - so did the scouts.

Amy Southern, Leader with the 51st Blackpool Scouts, says: “Pancakes were also the order of the day when I visited the group based at Tarnside Community Centre.

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“In the kitchen the Cubs, aged between eight and to 10 years were being shown how to make the pancakes with a mixture of flour, eggs, milk and sugar, cooked in oil.

“Lots of fun and mess, but a great way to learn how to cook, and also to use an oven, but with support from our fantastic leaders.

“In the large community room, while the cubs were making their mixture etc, the Beaver Scouts aged between six years to eight years were challenged to colour and draw on a paper plate their favourite pancake. They were told to let their imagination run wild.

“They had a great time - again learning by doing.”

It's flipping good fun!

Amy Southern, Leader with the 51st Blackpool Scouts, gave a summary of the scouts pancake evening.

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She said: “Scouts have enjoyed a fun challenge and a “flipping” good time.

The 51st Blackpool Scouts, were joined by the 7th Blackpool Scouts to take part in some team work challenges.

The scouts aged between 10 and 14 years attempted the ‘Pringle Ringle’, and although unsuccessful they had lots of fun trying, and of course eating it.

Taking part in joint nights is a great way of making new friends, and mixing with other Scout Troops.

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On the same evening the Cub section tried a different way of cooking pancakes over a tea light and they tasted delicious.

This was followed by a “Flipping Relay” and ending the night making a “Happy Face” pancake.

“Some very interesting pancakes were produced.

“What a fun way to celebrate Pancake Day.”

Several scouts groups took advantage of the tradition of pancake making on pancake day - meaning lots of tasty fun for them all.

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