Scouting Snapshots

Blackpool Scout Gang Show cast members are working hard at the Grand Theatre, preparing for their 58th Show.

By Suzanne Steedman
Monday, 28th October 2019, 1:21 pm
In rehearsals for the gang show
In rehearsals for the gang show

After many months of preparation and rehearsing, the time has finally arrived to go on the stage.All the many volunteers that are needed to put on such a show came together and worked with the theatre to ensure all the lighting, sound, costumes, dressing rooms and props were ready. The cast arrived, including some new members who familiarised themselves with the stage, and how to get from dressing room onto the stage. The musicians located themselves in the ‘pit’ and made sure their instruments were in full working order. Tickets are on sale for the variety show, which includes a celebration of Halloween, songs about our wonderful world, a carnival extravaganza and remembering the first man on the moon. Add to that traditional songs and more. The Gang Show runs from Wednesday, October 30 until Saturday, November 2 at the Grand Theatre. Visit for more information.

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Scouts go radio ga-ga for annual jamboree

Scouts from all over the world took part in the Annual Jamboree on the Air/Internet.The purpose of the annual weekend activity in October was to link up more than two million Scouts from every corner of the world by radio, phone, chat rooms and skype.The 1st Bispham Scout Group HQ, on Devonshire Road, was the venue, which had four open sessions for the 40 Scouts aged between 10 -14yrs who attended on the Saturday and Sunday. A room was set up by the Assistant District Commissioner for activities in Blackpool, Steve Williamson, both a computer expert and radio ham himself.The area was then divided into four areas to include the radio station, map of the world, laptop area and a gadget area, where radios could be made and a bit of do it yourself to make an electronic gadgets. All around the rooms on the walls was the Blackpool district radio code.The purpose of the weekend activity is to provide an educational programme bringing Scouts together from all over the world, to share their ideas and Scouting experiences.