RSPCA North West: these 22 gorgeous pups need new forever homes

There is a list of 22 dogs being cared for by the RSPCA who need new families in the North West.

Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 12:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 1:03 pm

If you think you might be able to take one in, you can visit the RSPCA website and learn more about each pooch here.

RSPCA says: "Flip is always eager to please and full of energy therefore would be better suited to an active home."
RSPCA says: "He adores people and loves to be the centre of attention; hes just a big, excitable pup."

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RSPCA says: "She is very affectionate and loves cuddles but can be quite bouncy and get a little silly."
RSPCA says: "Rufus is a very playful, bouncy boy who loves everyone he meets."
RSPCA says: "Mickey is a sweet older gentleman who would love a companion to take him out for walks and to snuggle up to."
RSPCA says: "Once Benny is familiar with you he is the most loyal and loving companion and he loves to play games."
RSPCA says: "He loves nothing more than being the centre of your world, and would happily be fussed, all day, every day."
RSPCA says: "She's an affectionate, sweet-natured girl who loves people and always wants to please."
RSPCA says: "He's a very calm, sweet-natured boy, and will make a loyal family pet."
RSPCA says: "Handsome Leo is a friendly, gentle giant who will make a very loyal pet. Leo loves attention and enjoys being stroked."
RSPCA says: "Buddy is such a lovely dog; he's always eager to please and responds very well to training."
RSPCA says: "She is a happy girl who always wants to please. She loves affection and cuddles but is fearful of raised voices.
RSPCA says: "Eighteen month old Bruno is a big softie who always wants all of your attention."
RSPCA says: "Blue is intelligent, loyal and active however he can be quite stubborn and free willed at times."
RSPCA says: "Buffy is lovely with people, a really friendly little girl. BUT she can be choosy about which dogs she makes friends with.
RSPCA says: "she is such a gorgeous girl with a heart full of love."
RSPCA says: "This boy has all you could ever ask for brains, beauty and a super friendly nature to follow."
RSPCA says: "She loves her cuddles and will try to give you lots of kisses."
RSPCA says: "This incredible lad will fill your life with joy and his relaxed personality will melt your heart." (No image available).
RSPCA says: "Once Luke gets to know you he can be a really affectionate boy, he loves a chin scratch!"
RSPCA says: "A proper piglet, he loves his food and his treats and will do anything in order to get them!"
RSPCA says: "Cinnamon is confident and people-friendly. Very lively, loves attention, and would need an equally energetic owner."