Residents concerned over 'boy racers' in Cleveleys and Thornton

Residents in Cleveleys and Thornton say souped-up cars being driven at dangerously high speeds are causing an on-going nuisance.

Friday, 18th June 2021, 8:09 am
Residents in Thornton and Cleveleys have raised concerns about speeding cars.

Complaints have been made about so-called 'boy racers' whose turbo-charged cars have been seen racing not only on major roads like Amounderness Way, but also on more narrow residential roads, such as Lawsons Road and Trunnah Road in Thornton.

Coun Andrea Kay who is both a borough and a county member covering both Thornton and Cleveleys, says that although the issue is not a new one, she says it is an ongoing problem which cannot be ignored.

Coun Kay, the county councillor for Cleveleys East and a Wyre member for Pheasants Wood in Thornton, said: "Some of these drivers have been seen on Lawsons Road and Trunnah Road taking bends at something like 80mph.

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Coun Andrea Kay (left) talks to residents living off Amounderness Way about road concerns.

"It would take a second for someone trying to cross that road to be hit and they wouldn't stand a chance.

"If someone's elderly relative or a child were to be hit then people would take notice, but by then it would be too late."

She says a similar thing has been reported on Amounderness Way, on a stretch of the road between the Eros statue in Fleetwood and the Morrisons superstore at the roundabout with Victoria Road West in Cleveleys.

There is concern not only about the possibility of a road accident but the loud noise of roaring, turbo charged engines late at night.

Phil Burrows, 52, of Widgeon Close on the Pheasants Wood estate, said: "We live just at the back of Amounderness Way and the noise from those engines is terrible.

"Between 5pm and 1am you can hear them revving up their engines, which seem to be adapted to make the exhausts backfire like a gun shot.

"When you hear this late at night, when you're trying to get to sleep, it's just anti-social.

"It's also a danger because on some parts of Amounderness Way there are no crash barriers and one of these cars could end up in someone's garden - that's happened before."

Coun Kay said she was organising a meeting between residents and the Lancashire County highways cabinet member and his team to discuss the problems and possible solutions.