Police release logs detailing every Lancashire ghost sighting reported to officers in the past three years

Remember that famous building nearby that's reportedly haunted by ghouls?

By Michael Holmes
Tuesday, 27th October 2020, 1:02 pm

Can you recall the tale of the white lady, who forever roams her old manor while waiting for her loved one to return?

What about the headless green spectre spotted by that taxi driver all those years ago?

Sure you do, because ghost stories are handed down from generation to generation and we all have one or two to tell around a campfire.

A manipulated image to show a 'ghost' at Astley Hall in Chorley, which is hosting a ghost hunt this Hallowe'en (Picture: Chorley Council)

But not every apparent sighting goes on to be an urban legend whose origin is eventually lost to the fog of time.

In fact, there are scores of reported hauntings and other bumps in the night that go untold - with terrified victims dialling 999 in a desperate search for help.

They don't always happen at amusement parks, where workers are said to patrol their old stomping ground, and they always don't happen in the cellar of ye olde pubs of Lancashire either.

They happen in front rooms. Outside in the street. On a hospital ward. And even in bedrooms.

This newspaper has obtained details of all police files containing the word 'ghost' for the past three years.

Although the force has kept the exact locations under wraps, as well as the date they are said to have happened, it has released details about each sighting - and what action, if any, officers took:

In a house - Informant reported that there were ghosts in their house - Case passed to ambulance service

Outside a shop in the street - Individual said they were seeing ghosts and feeling suicidal - Case passed to ambulance service

Location not specified - Informant said they were seeing shadows and ghosts - Officers attended and an ambulance was called

Location not specified - Individual said they were seeing ghosts and were being followed around - Case passed to staff nurse

In a front room - Informant said their dead ex-partner was stood in their front room with another ghost - Police spoke to informant's new partner

Over the border in West Yorkshire - A murdered police officer's ghost was reported to be following someone - Police took no further action

In a house - A ghost was said to be terrorising someone in their home - No action taken

In a hospital - Ghosts were reported to be in a room on a ward - No action taken

In a house - Informant reported an intruder in their house, who ran out. Informant then saw a ghost - Officer attended

In a house - Informant stated there were ghosts coming in through their side doors, windows, back door, and front door - Case passed to the ambulance service

In a house - Informant said they woke up to find people in their house who look like ghosts and aren't talking - No further action taken

At a hostel - Someone was in the informant's room who they believed to be a ghost - Police spoke to staff at the hostel

In a house - Informant was worried about ghosts in their house. They were also seeing different shapes and sizes - Case passed to the ambulance service

Location not specified - Individual turned up at Urgent Care Centre saying they were seeing ghosts, before walking out - Officer attended

In the basement of a takeaway - Informant said they had seen three ghosts whilst sat on the toilet - No further action taken

In a flat - Informant reported that someone has put a ghost in their flat, and they keeping falling over them - Case passed to the neighbourhood policing team

Location not specified - Ambulance service spoke to an individual who said they feel violent and were seeing ghosts - No further action taken by police

In a bedroom - Information said they were scared before there were ghosts in their bedroom - Officers took the person to hospital


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