Notarianni Ices puts blue and yellow sundaes on the menu for Ukraine

Notarianni Ices has announced its own unique – and delicious – way of raising money to support refugees fleeing war in Ukraine.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 14th March 2022, 3:45 pm

Ice cream sundaes in blue and yellow, the colours of the Ukrainian flag, are currently on sale at the 94-year-old ice cream parlour, with all proceeds going to supporting civilians fleeing the Russian invasion.

The ‘Families Help Families’ special includes a 1L tub of vanilla ice cream with blue and yellow sherbet for £10. A bucket for donations has also been set up inside the Waterloo Road parlour for anyone with change to spare.

Fourth generation Notarianni manager Luca Vettese said: “It’s terrible what’s going on, and you feel helpless seeing these heartbreaking images of kids fleeing their homes. We’re just doing what we can.”

Notarianni Ices are raising money for Ukraine by selling blue and yellow ice cream packages. Pictured are Josh Johnson and Kerry Whitehead.

Thousands of Ukrainian people have fled the country since the Russian army invaded eastern Ukraine on February 24 on the orders of President Vladimir Putin.

The British government recently announced plan to offer families living in the UK £350 per month to open their homes to refugees.

This followed criticism that the government was ‘dragging its feet’ over the crisis, as last week reports revealed just 300 Ukrainian people had been issued VISAs allowing them to come to Britain, despite 13,500 Ukrainians applying. By comparison, Germany took 30,000 refugees during the same time period.

Notarianni Ices are raising money for Ukraine by selling blue and yellow ice cream packages. Pictured is Josh Johnson.

Notarianni employee Josh Johnson’s grandparents, Frank and Magdelena, have already taken in a family of four refugees at their home near Poznan, Poland.

He said: “We thought of what little we could do to help, and decided to support them with a fundraiser at the shop, raising money to buy beds and shopping. It’s more than just looking after them and providing hospitality, it’s about creating a sort of life for them while they are there, as well.

"With Blackpool having that community feel that it has, everyone has come together and a lot of people have donated money even without buying the ice cream. We have just sent off £655, so it’s quite a significant amount so far.

"We’re so lucky in this country to go about our lives, not living in fear, while these people are leaving their families and fighting the Russian armed forces. We’re just glad that we can do a small fraction of good.”

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