Mum’s heartfelt message to missing Ansdell man Shane Graham three years after he vanished: “I want you with every beat of my heart”

Shane Graham with his niece CeiraShane Graham with his niece Ceira
Shane Graham with his niece Ceira
Three years after a young Ansdell man disappeared without a trace, his desperate mother has pleaded: “Let us know you’re okay.”

Heartbroken Tracey Graham said she can learn to live without ever seeing her precious son Shane again – as long as she knows he is alive and well.

Shane Graham was 26 when he disappeared on April 29, 2016.

Three years on, his mum, dad Ron, and sister Carissa still have no solid clues about what happened to him.

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Tracey Graham and Ron Graham are searching for their son Shane GrahamTracey Graham and Ron Graham are searching for their son Shane Graham
Tracey Graham and Ron Graham are searching for their son Shane Graham

Tracey, inset, 56, said: “It’s been horrible. The only leads I have ever had were hoaxes. It’s hard to think of what to say after three years and nothing.

“Life has stood still and it continues standing still. It doesn’t get better with time. It gets worse.

“All I want to do is know that he has moved on. I don’t know why he has moved on, but if he can just tell the police he’s happy, then I could deal with that.

“It’s still a phenomenon if he does that, but if he’s still alive, that’s what matters. I think that most families of missing people would want that.”

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Shane, who worked as a landscaper for an artificial grass company, was working at a house on Ansdell Road on the day he disappeared. He was last seen shortly after leaving the property, walking down Eddington Road towards the Inner Promenade.

His last text message, sent to his boss, was timed at 10.39am.

Around £300 rent money had been left in his flat, along with his wallet. He has never beenseen or heard from since.

Tracey, who lives in Wolverhampton, said: “The appeal now is for Shane to let us know that he’s fine. We don’t need to know where he is.

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“The three year anniversary was a very difficult day. I think I had something in my mind. I don’t know what is significant in my mind, I just thought three years is enough. I thought we’d have him back before now.”

Today, Shane would be 29. He has a two-year-old niece, Lorena, who he has never met.

His family continues to run a Facebook page, called Find Shane Graham Main Group, to keep the search for him alive.

Appeals for information have appeared in The Gazette, other newspapers, and on BBC Crimewatch.

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In December 2017, the family was targeted by a cruel texting troll who claimed he had found Shane living on the streets of Manchester – but when police searched the area he was nowhere to be found.

Lancashire Police traced the texter, and it emerged that he had concocted the entire thing.

A possible sighting of Shane earlier that year at the Ma Kelly’s bar in Fleetwood could never be verified, as by the time it was reported to his family, the CCTV footage taken on the night had been routinely taped over. An Instagram video of a man resembling Shane, shared with the family, also proved fruitless.

In a heartfelt plea made directly to her son, Tracey said: “Shane, if you ever wondered how we are without you, there is no wonder in our lives. We are thinking of you constantly. It’s life without peace, without direction, without focus. Life without you is life without anything.

“I want you with every beat of my heart.

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“I just want to say please, tell somebody something that only you could know to prove it’s you, and let us know that you’re happy and healthy. We won’t chase you any more. We will leave you be.”

“There is nothing on this earth that could make me stop loving you. You are my son, I made who you are, and you are a huge part of me.”

Can you help Tracey find her lost son?

Shane is described as white, with light brown cropped hair and blue eyes. He was wearing his work clothes: a black hooded top and black workpants with padded knees at the time of his disappearance.

He has links to Tamworth in Staffordshire.

Anyone with information should contact the police on 101 quoting log reference 1507 of May 9, 2016.

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