Marton residents up in arms after Blackpool Council plans to make it illegal for them to park in front of their own homes

People living on a Marton cul-de-sac were dismayed to discover Blackpool Council's plans to paint double yellow lines outside their homes, which they say will leave them with nowhere to park.

Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 12:30 pm
Cadby Avenue

If successful, the proposals would make parking on most of Cadby Avenue illegal - and with most houses on the street lacking driveways, and surrounding streets being filled with parked cars of their own, residents are up in arms as they struggle to work out where else they could possibly leave their vehicles.

But Blackpool Council said that continued parking on the street could cause problems for emergency services vehicles, should they need to access it.

Matthew Liffen, 38, who lives on the street, said: "Double yellow lines on most of the street will prevent 16 cars parking outside their own houses. I know that roads built in 1938 weren't built to accommodate the number of cars on the roads these days, but I don't understand how they can stop us parking outside our own houses.

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"This will affect multiple roads in the area, not just Cadby Avenue. It's going to be very detrimental.

"Parking is limited as it is since we have houses with two vehicles. As a community we have worked out an agreement so that everybody has at least one parking spot outside their own house. If these plans are put there, there won't be anywhere for even that.

"We've been told that the binmen were having trouble accessing the street, but I have lived here for 16 years and there's never been an issue until now. There's quite an angry vibe going around the street now, as you can imagine.

"I understand the logic behind the decision, but if they are going to put double yellow lines down then I would expect them to offer some alternative, rather than deciding it's not their problem and forcing us to park 10 minutes away."

Residents have until March 22 to protest the plans.

John Blackledge, Blackpool Council Director for Community and Environmental Services, said: “Following concerns received from residents of Cadby Avenue due to multiple parked vehicles blocking the pavement and other access issues our team visited the avenue to assess the situation.

“The team identified that the street is narrow and compact and the majority of the residents do not have a private driveway resulting in residents parking on the street.

“Our concern is that vehicles parking on both sides of the avenue could hinder residents and emergency services.

“Under highway law no one has the right to park outside their house and on all cul-de-sacs the turning head or turning area should be kept clear and junctions and road access protected.

“So after careful and detailed consideration it is felt that it is necessary to propose introducing parking restrictions to provide safe and easy access.

“The proposal seeks to introduce ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ around the turning head and restrictions to the south side with additional restrictions at the junction of Weymouth Road and Cadby Avenue. This is to improve visibility and to enforce guidance contained within the Highway Code, effectively not to park within 10m of a junction.

“At this stage this is a proposed solution and there is a process to follow. The Cabinet Member for Highways will consider any representations and will decide if the proposal should be modified, implemented or rejected.”