Marrying at Blackpool Tower Ballroom was perfect for dancers Yolanda Dimech and Max Zieglmayr

Yolanda Dimech and Max Zieglmayr Photos: Kath Occleston PhotographyYolanda Dimech and Max Zieglmayr Photos: Kath Occleston Photography
Yolanda Dimech and Max Zieglmayr Photos: Kath Occleston Photography
They were in the resort in 2016 for a ballroom dancing competition and instantly fell in love with it.

They live in Malta but the distance was no issue.Yolanda, 29, who was born in Australia, said: “We found this beautiful wedding hall first time we competed in Blackpool when we went there to practice.“We knew straight away we wanted to get married here as we both looked at each other saying ‘here!’”They met in 2010 when Yolanda travelled to Germany for work at Munich airport as an aircraft mechanic. “We met in the same company, I was placed with Max for job training and instantly we fell in love, underneath an aircraft.”They tied their wedding day in with a visit to Blackpool to compete in the ballroom and Latin NATD Competition, which took place over a weekend.All their family and friends joined them and their wedding day followed on the Tuesday.After the ceremony on the beautiful dance floor, they enjoyed a reception and photos at the top of the tower, at the circus and on Blackpool Pier.Yolanda said: “We were so honoured we could have Phil Kelsall to have him play the organ for my wedding walk and during the wedding, he filled the hall with stunning music.“Mooky and Mr Boo, who I know were very tired after their show but still made us smile and laugh and even congratulated us.“It was a pleasure to have met them and I can’t wait to see their show again next visit.“Having our families and friends attend the wedding from all around the world was so special for us. The hall was extra special, just having it for our special day.“It was spectacular. Definitely all I wished for on our special day. Having my guy as my husband and sharing such a day with our guests was the happiest day of my life.Max, who is 31, and originally from Germany added: “A very special day! Dancing with my wife on that floor in that ballroom was amazing. Very happy how everyone made this day special for us!