Lynda's got that vibe... Roll with it

It's only small '“ weighing 1kg, the same as a bag of sugar '“ but is being heralded as making a huge difference to people with aches and pains.

Tuesday, 22nd August 2017, 1:13 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:43 pm
Picture by Julian Brown 14/08/17 Lynda Holmes pictured with the device in her class. Pulseroll classes, a new type of class using vibrating foam rollers to release muscles which is being held in St Annes.

And Fylde coast fitness instructor Lynda Holmes is one of the first in the country to run classes using the latest piece of fitness equipment, the Pulseroll. The Pulseroll is a vibrating fitness-roller, which can be used to warm-up before exercise, cooldown and act as a relaxing massage.

As well as classes, Lynda does one-to-one sessions in clients’ homes. She says the Pulseroll is revolutionary and can help all ages and fitness levels.

“I’ve been a Pilates instructor for 20 years and three years ago I qualified as a Trigger Point Pilates instructor, with founder Lydia Campbell. My classes have helped many people release knots and tension in their muscles using Trigger Balls and foam rollers.

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“Lydia Campbell is a highly qualified myofascial physiotherapist. Earlier this year, she had a knee replacement and was given a Pulseroll by celebrity Chico and national Pilates presenter Helen Pybus. She used it to massage around the knee, and surgeons were astounded by how quickly she recovered. Lydia then trained 12 of her Trigger Point Pilates instructors in using the Pulseroll, so I am one of the first in the country to offer this.

“Fascia is the connective tissue under the skin, full of nerve cells. It can tighten up because of over-use of muscles, trauma, scar tissue injuries and surgery, or when a person is in one position for a long time – sitting at a computer, or standing too long. Tightness can cause chronic pain anywhere on the body.

“The class encourages better posture, less painful movements, increased flexibility and improved mobility. It is suitable for all ages and ideal for cyclists, runners, those who do a lot of lifting or bending, or someone with back, hip or shoulder pain.”

Class member Diane Westgarth, of Westby, says the Trigger Point classes helped her to recover from major surgery – she donated a kidney to her brother.

She said: “You can strengthen your core, without over-doing it. It’s very therapeutic. Lynda is amazing, she walks round giving everybody individual attention. You wouldn’t think the roller could make such a big difference, but it does.

“I would recommend it to anybody. I was doing remarkably well, but I really feel Lynda’s classes helped me recover more quickly.”

Classes take place: Mondays, 2pm and Wednesdays at 7.30pm, St Annes Parish Rooms, Headroomgate, and Tuesdays, from September 12, at St Margaret’s Church Hall, St Leonards Road West, St Annes, 6.30pm. Call 07533 012494.