Letters - November 28, 2018

It's convenient not to'¨think about the planet

Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 8:34 am
Updated Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 9:40 am

It amazes me that Donald Trump is still in denial as regards global warming, even when America’s own scientists have proven that it is already here – surely the raging fires in California give testament to that?

However, his attitude is nothing remarkable given that the rest of the world is in denial too. The Brazilian rainforests are being devastated by illegal logging, yet nothing is done by their government.

Our seas are polluted by plastics and our countryside turned into barren wastelands without a hedge in sight, and yet we have people protesting that they do their bit by recycling and buying electric cars and do everything they can to preserve nature – yet a majority of those same people become hypocrites when it comes to everyday life and how it affects them personally.

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Those that profess to be shocked at the amount of rubbish in our seas and our countryside, highlighted by Sir David Attenborough, nevertheless happily fly tip or drop plastic water bottles or litter in our streets, and then we have those who insist that our precious oxygen-giving trees be felled or pollarded because autumn leaves are a tiresome inconvenience.

Then, of course, we have the trillions of tonnes of polluting fuel vapour tossed into the atmosphere by millions of aeroplanes flying over us each day, and yet Heathrow is expanding its runways to allow more and more deadly fumes gas us.

Yet does anyone really want to halt this madness?

Of course not, because it is inconvenient.

Let’s face it – the world is in a mess, and I have no doubt that even when judgement day arrives, we will still have warring parties in the Middle East still battling away fully intent on killing each other.

Madness, utter madness! Rome and Emperor Nero spring to mind, don’t you think?

Karl Sheridan

Address supplied


Deal is remarkable outcome for nation

Theresa May has after two years of non stop intensive talks accomplished a deal that is little short of miraculous.

Despite being served by a number of colleagues who are more concerned with self than nation, she has brought off a remarkable outcome that is beneficial for our country.

People and MPs who clamour for a better deal are, frankly, very silly and ignorant as to what is at stake.

The EU has made it abundantly clear a better deal is not possible.

The idea that another PM could negotiate a better deal is nonsense. The EU would refuse to reopen negotiations. In any case after two years what new arguments could be raised ?

Apart from ignorance, what has bedevilled the Brexit negotiations from the start is the spurious and wholly unrealistic desire by fervent hard-liner hawks to seek the Holy Grail. Realists knew from the start that a perfect deal was never going to be possible.

Now the best must not be allowed to become the enemy of the good.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Deal is not May’s but the EU’s

This deal signed by the Prime Minister is not May’s deal at all it is an EU deal which May has signed before consulting Parliament.

Despite her constantly saying that the deal delivers on the referendum it clearly does not and it is disappointing that there are some MPs who are ignoring the wishes of their constituents.

For example, according to the media, the MP for Wyre Ben Wallace is voting for the deal, presumably to protect his ministerial job.

However in the EU referendum the Wyre electorate voted 64 per cent leave and 36 per cent remain. Their wishes were clear, the voting intensions of Mr Wallace less so.

Peter Gibson

Independent councillor 
Breck Ward


Donate to help us over festive season

Our shops rely on the generosity of the community, which is why, in the lead up to Christmas, we are asking residents to give what they can to their local Mind shop.

I am calling on readers to donate their previously loved items such as winter coats, jumpers, hats, and scarfs. New books are welcome too and will make great Christmas gifts.

The average bag of items donated to Mind’s shops is worth around £30 - £30 that will help to fund the charity’s vital work, such as our confidential Infoline, and the campaigning work we do to secure a better deal for the one in four of us who experience a mental health problem every year.

For some people with mental health problems, the Christmas period can be a particularly difficult time.

I urge readers to donate what they no longer need so we can be there for people, not only throughout the festive season, but whenever they need us most.

With your support, we can help secure a better life for everyone experiencing a mental health problem. Thank you in advance for your support.

Andrew Vale

Director of Mind Retail