Landslide victory for residents as Wyre councillors vote to throw out three-storey flat block plans

Bungalow owners who feared their homes would be overshadowed by plans to build a 'monstrous' three-storey flat block opposite their homes celebrated a resolute victory today.

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Friday, 6th December 2019, 9:15 am
The old Sandpiper pub on Cleveleys Avenue

Cheers rang out at Thornton Little Theatre as Wyre councillors voted unanimously to reject a planning application to build 15 new properties on the site of the Sandpiper Hotel on Cleveleys Avenue.

People living on Hexham Avenue and Oxenholme Avenue, near the site of the proposed development, had attended the meeting to argue against the proposals, which included three houses, 12 apartments and a bin collection area.

Joy Levitt, who lives on Hexham Avenue, said: "(The bin area) would be a magnet for fly tipping, noise, odour, seagull activity and liquid run-off.

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"The bin site will create limits views of oncoming traffic, which is predominantly busy during school peak times.

"We realise the land requires development but it should be agreeable to all parties concerned and not just for the profit of the housing association, to the detriment of residents."

Further concerns were raised about the size of the proposed block, its appearance and impact on neighbouring properties.

Anthony Johnson added: I live opposite the front door of the development, which will overshadow my house, so you can appreciate my concern. My main concern is the height - three storeys. With a building this tall, I will feel like I'm living in a goldfish bowl; our properties overlooked and our privacy invaded.

"When I moved here it was a peaceful, quiet retirement area. I'm quite worried that the project will damage my health. I feel passionate about this monster being built."

Peter Fellows said: "People in this area do not like the idea of being overlooked. In our opinion this development is a very poor design and in no way improved the local area or enhances it."

Councillor Andrea Kay also took to the floor to show her support for the residents, and echoed their fears about their privacy being invaded.

Wyre Council had received recommendations to approve the application - but none voted in its favour.

Instead, coun Ian Amos, who said he was 'totally against' the three-storey block plans, proposed rejecting it due to the size of the development and its appearance that would be 'out of character' with the surrounding area.