Is this fly-tipping? Fylde Council's response to overflowing public bins sparks backlash as people say 'we pay council tax for you to empty bins'

A plea from Fylde Council for beach-goers to stop ‘fly-tipping’ by leaving bin bags full of rubbish next to overflowing bins has sparked backlash as people reply – ‘try emptying the bins!’

By Wes Holmes
Thursday, 21st July 2022, 12:30 pm

The council called on people to take their litter home with them after five black bin bags were dumped beside a full bin on St Annes seafront yesterday.

They said: “This is fly-tipping. If a bin is full, please don't leave your bags next to it. There are lots of bins in Fylde so please find another one or take your litter home with you.”

But many people were unimpressed with the appeal, and said the person responsible for the bin bags had clearly made an effort to properly dispose of their rubbish, and that it was not their fault the council-provided bin was overflowing.

Is this fly-tipping? Fylde Council says it is - but some people disagree

Sarah Fletcher said: “How exactly is this fly-tipping? People have brought bin bags full of rubbish to a bin as far as I can see. They could have cleaned up a whole area of the beach or town for all we know. They might have been having fun and done the decent thing and tidied up after themselves. They might have walked a long way in the heat to find a bin.”

Joyce Phair said: “If people are acting responsibly and bringing their litter off the beach then we have either to provide more easily accessible bins or be thankful that they have placed them next to a bin. More bins near steps to beach might help. (There have) been lots of groups of children recently and those in charge have tidied up on leaving. Where were they to put large bags of rubbish?”

Several people said the bin bags indicated that the bins were not being emptied often enough.

Arthur Jackson said: “Try emptying the ****ing bins! Didn’t anyone tell you it was going to be a warm day with lots of visitors to your area? It’s not rocket science... We pay council tax for you to empty the bins. We don’t pay it for the privilege of taking it home in a car full of people.”

David Webster said: “Maybe the bins should be fit for purpose and larger or emptied more frequently. Can’t believe that you’re complaining about people tidying up.”

Miles Couchman said: “I’ve seen some daft posts from Fylde Council, but this beats the lot. I suggest you get your own house in order by emptying bins more often, or replacing these with bigger bins.”

Fly-tipping is the ‘illegal deposit of any waste on to land that has no license to accept waste’, defined by the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

According to Fylde Council’s website: “There are ample facilities available for the removal of waste and unwanted goods, including the option to take the items to the household waste recycling centre in Lytham or the bulky waste collection service, where items are collected from a household.”

Some people agreed with the council’s stance, pointing out that larger bins are available.

Roberto Turco said: “People do this all the time, and just a very short walk to the next bin (which) was half empty, and the one after that empty. It’s just laziness.”

Fylde Council was approached for comment.