Ice skating stars inspire resort pupils

It is not often that you hear someone has achieved their lifetime’s ambition, but students attending their Highfield Learning Academy STAR Value Awards Ceremony did just that when they met ice skaters Alex Demetriou and his wife Carlotta Edwards Demetriou at the event.

Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 3:29 pm
Alex Demetriou and his wife Carlotta Edwards Demetriou at the Highfield Learning Academy STAR Value Awards Ceremony. Below: Pupils were presented with their certificates

Alex Demetriou attended Highfield from 2000 to 2005 and felt honoured to be asked back to present the students with their STAR Award certificates.

The students, who had each been nominated by their teachers to receive their awards, were also pleased to hear about Alex Demetriou’s journey through his school years, his experience and his career since.

Although Alex had ice skated since the age of seven competing in several competitions and annual ice shows until he left school, when Alex went on to college he decided he wanted to be a pilot in the Navy.

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However that wasn’t his lifetime ambition, when he visited the Royal Navy recruitment office, he was asked if there was anything else he wanted to do.

Alex said he wanted to perform as a professional ice skater but as he hadn’t ice skated for two years he wasn’t sure this would be possible.

The Naval recruitment officer told Alex to go away and see if he could achieve his aim within 12 months, but added if Alex still felt the same in twelve months the Navy would recruit him straight away.

Today, 11 years later Alex admits to having achieved his dream – ice dancing at the highest standard possible and meeting his wife within two months of ice skating for Disney on Ice.

Alex appeared with Carlotta in Dancing on Ice and they are currently starring in Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena’s Hot Ice Show: Utopian.

Alex told the students that now is the time for them to believe in themselves and pursue their own dreams.

Academy principal, Andrew Galbraith, echoed the sentiments, telling students life can be hard but by believing in themselves they could overcome adversity and achieve their own dreams, as shown by past student Alex Demetriou.

By Karen Pennington