'I wish a tree was my biggest problem' - Readers react to 60ft Blackpool sycamore tree dispute

Tony and Linda Brown
Tony and Linda Brown
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A 60ft sycamore tree in Grange Park has caused a dsipute between a retired couple and their neighbour, whose property is owned by Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH)

Tony, 75, and Linda Brown, 68, said tree is blocking light into their Grange Park home and has been causing them health problems such as a heart defect, lack of vitamin D and anxiety.

Linda said: “I really cannot put up with it anymore. I really want to move but I shouldn’t, that is what other people are telling me. I love my garden and we have put lots of time and effort into it and it’s so painful that this tree is ruining it.”

A spokesman for Blackpool Coastal Housing said: “This has been investigated and the tree is in a healthy condition and not causing any demonstrable problem.

“In those circumstances we would not remove or scale back a healthy tree.”

Here's what The Gazette readers had to say...

"Some people moan about anything. There's more to worry about than a tree."

Michelle Freeston

"Sycamores are forest trees. Totally unsuitable for Gardens. I fully sympathise."

Bill Cavanagh

"Spends a £1000 on solicitor fees but complains about cost of a new fence panel. Garden looks huge, plenty of space to sit in the sun."

Mags Baron

"The tree is at the end of the garden and no where near the house .The lack of vitamin D is not caused by the tree it’s caused by the lack of sun because it’s mostly cloudy a lot of the days now."

Elaine Butterworth

"It can’t possibly be blocking their light or making the rest of the house dark. Trees don’t grow that much in 4 years so they must have seen it when they moved in."

Matt Langford

"It doesn't even look that bad. Our neighbours trees completely killed our grass and they really didn't give a monkeys."

Kerry Smart

"Looking at that picture the tree is kept tidy and looks young yet it will be many years yet before that damages anything."

Elizabeth Hewitt Dawes

"Go put some gin in your tea or have a snickers"

Kathryn Petrocelli