Ex-Wyre Council leader's nepotism claim over council post is denied

A former leader of Wyre Council has accused a father and son of nepotism after one replaced the other of deputy council leader.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 6:54 pm
Updated Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 6:58 pm
Peter Gibson (left) and Alan Vincent when they were Wyre Council colleagues
Peter Gibson (left) and Alan Vincent when they were Wyre Council colleagues

Peter Gibson made the comments after recent changes to the Wyre Council Cabinet saw Coun Alan Vincent step down as deputy leader after he was appointed to a similar role at Lancashire County Council

Mr Gibson, who was controversially ousted as Wyre leader four years ago, blasted the decision to appoint Alan Vincent’s son, Coun Michael Vincent, as the new deputy leader of Wyre in his father’s place.

He pointed out Michael Vincent lives in Fylde rather than Wyre.

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Coun Michael Vincent

But Michael Vincent hit back and said Mr Gibson knew it wasn’t nepotism, and was motivated by bitterness.

Commenting on his Facebook page, which can be viewed by the public, Mr Gibson stated: “Councillor Alan Vincent has stood down as Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Resources and guess what - he is replaced by one of his sons, Michael Vincent.

“It has been rumoured that Councillor Michael Vincent was being lined up as the next leader and one wonders is this nepotism taken to a new level.”

Mr Gibson also took issue over Michael Vincent residing outside the borough and took aim at another councillor over a similar issue.

He said: “Wyre is in a sad place with Councillor Michael Vincent living in Fylde not Wyre.”

Asked about his comments, he said: “I do find it disturbing that the deputy’s son has succeeded him in the same role, it seems a bit off

to me.

“I also don’t think it is right that someone who has such a key role at Wyre, and is clearly seen as a future leader, does not even live in the borough.

“The electorate should at least know where their representatives live, not to have that clear on the webiste, to me, shows a lack of transparency. They may accuse me of sour grapes but I have genuine concerns.”

Mr Gibson led Wyre Council for seven years before being ousted by the ruling Conservative group in September 2017.

Coun Michael Vincent responded: “His position is one of bitterness because he was removed from his role and then lost his seat.

“The Local Government Act and electorate decides who is suitable, not Mr


“As for nepotism, he knows it simply isn’t true. It was the Wyre Conservatives who appointed me to the role, not my father.”

“As for not living in the borough, I was born in Fleetwood and have lived in Poulton and Carleton

“I made a point of basing my work in Cleveleys instead of outside Wyre, which shows commitment to this area.

“I love serving as a councillor in Wyre, I wouldn’t want to serve anywhere else, and I think in terms of my council work I have paid my dues to get the role.”