Doreen Lofthouse's kindness helped save dozens of horses, says RSPCA

Fleetwood businesswoman Doreen Lofthouse OBE was a huge supporter of RSPCA projects but did not broadcast it, the charity says.

Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 10:55 am
The specialist horse mannequin which Doreen Lofthouse helped the RSPCA buy

Yesterday, crowds turned out to pay their respects as the funeral of the phenomenally successful entrepreneur, who died on March 30 aged 91, was held in the town.

Mrs Lofthouse helped turn the Fisherman's Friend lozenge into a global brand and her philanthropy was well known as she supported many large-scale projects in Fleetwood with substantial donations.

But the RSPCA paying its own tribute, says little is known about the support she gave to many of its projects so that animals could be rescued or protected.

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Doreen Lothouse helped the RSPCA save the lives of horses in peril

The charity says just one project was her acquisition of a piece of equipment which has helped the RSPCA rescue dozens of trapped and imperilled horses.

The specialist £6,500 horse mannequin , bought in 2017, has enabled RSPCA officers to train methodically for the rescue of horses stuck in awkward, inaccessible terrain, with the latest rescue being carried out as recently as February.

Mark Smith, head of trusts and statutory fundraising at the RSPCA said: “We were so very sad to hear that Doreen Lofthouse passed away very recently.

"She was a very special and extremely generous supporter of the RSPCA’s work and for a decade she helped us to save the lives of so many rescue horses.

“I was lucky enough to meet Doreen at her home near Fleetwood, she was a lovely lady who adored animals.

"Her passing is extremely sad indeed but there’s no question that Doreen’s commitment to supporting the RSPCA and her passion for horse welfare has saved the lives of many horses in


Just weeks ago the training which was enabled by the manikin helped with the swift and successful rescue of a horse found completely submerged in a dangerously deep bog on the Isle

of Anglesey.

The horse, named Farrah, was stuck up to her neck in the mud that was so deep her hooves didn’t even touch the bottom of the bog.

Thankfully RSPCA rescuers knew how to go about the rescue after having previously completed their training using the horse mannequin, and were able to save her life.

Mark said Mrs Lofthouse quietly funded many projects without fuss or publicity, included some on the Fylde coast.