Cleveleys skatepark youths ignite row over antisocial behaviour

A Cleveleys mum has expressed her disgust at the behaviour of a crowd of teenagers causing mayhem on Jubilee skate park on Sunday, despite being present around her small children.

Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 12:30 pm
Jubilee skate park where young people congregate. Credit: Google maps
Jubilee skate park where young people congregate. Credit: Google maps

The family were allegedly taunted with negative comments about their weight, laughed at, and had to endure aggressive language and swearing while the children played.

The incident has sparked a row about the increasing levels of antisocial behaviour from young people in Cleveleys.

Carla Hill, 26, of Lockhurst Avenue Cleveleys, took her three children age seven, five and five months to the skate park in Jubilee Gardens, but said she was appalled at the levels of disrespect from the group of around six teenagers who were sat under the shelter on the park.

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Carla said: “About four lads and two girls were all sat under the shelter bit swearing, shouting, being rude, using aggressive words. (They were) laughing very loudly at my daughter who fell off her scooter and actually really hurt herself, and were saying ‘fat’ comments to both me and my husband.

“When I was young and I used to ‘hang around’ there I was always respectful, never swore, never smoked, never raised my voice and was always very polite.

Mrs Hill said the experience was very distressing for them, especially for her five-year-old son who has possible ADHD after they felt forced to leave after only 15 minutes.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “We would always encourage anyone to report incidents like this to 101, with as much description of the offenders as possible.”