Blackpool transgender woman wins Avon Seller of the Year Award

Daniella Schofield with her awardDaniella Schofield with her award
Daniella Schofield with her award
A transgender woman who says her life has been transformed by being an Avon rep has earned herself a top award.

Daniella Schofield, of South Shore, won Avon Seller of the Year at the annual Direct Selling Association Awards - and she can’t believe how far she has come.The 38-year-old started selling products for Avon this summer as she was struggling to cope financially after giving up her well paid job to care for her mum, who has schizophrenia.

Daniella was forced to rely on food banks and housing benefit, but as she signed up for Avon in July, she began bringing in a good wage, earning up to £1,300 a month.

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She said: “I couldn’t believe I had even been nominated for the Direct Selling Association Awards.“I am in a bubble of absolute disbelief still, it was very happy and emotional day.“The award is recognition for hard work and determination, and an award to inspire others, to show that no matter what is going on in your life, you can still achieve great things.“It shows that if you believe in yourself and believe in opportunities, they are right there in front of us.“My Avon business is my life, I love this company.”

Daniella’s success doe snot stop there, as she has also been selected as the Trans Face of Avon, championing the cause for all genders. She also speaks at various industry events, detailing her journey, in the hope of inspiring others to join.

She added: It is all about equality. Avon centres are for everybody, no matter your background, skin colour or gender. Avon embraces everybody and I feel everyone accepts me.“People don’t realise how much being with Avon can help people.”

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