Blackpool Tower lights up for first-ever gender reveal and it's a.........girl

With a flick of a switch and it could have been pink or blue.

By Nicola Jaques
Friday, 21st May 2021, 2:52 pm
The Blackpool Tower lights for its first ever gender reveal
The Blackpool Tower lights for its first ever gender reveal

Blackpool couple Nick Easton and Amberleigh Duckworth decided on a rather different way to share the gender of their unborn baby with family and friends ahead of their exciting summer arrival by lighting up the sky with a little help from the Tower.

The big reveal came thanks to Blackpool Council's Tower lighting team , trusted with the couple's news, sealed in an envelope after their 20-week scan.

Engineers reprogrammed the lights to flash and deliver the news of an incoming baby girl, due August 10, as the couple and a specially selected group were gathered beneath the Tower on the Comedy Carpet.

It is the first time the Tower team have been involved with a gender reveal celebration.

The couple'also shared the name they have chosen - Harperleigh Jade Easton - which appeared in the Tower heart.

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“We both knew The Blackpool Tower celebrated occasions such as Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day and wondered if it would even be possible for it to celebrate our event too.

Nick Easton and Amberleigh Duckworth organised their gender reveal celebration with a little help of Blackpool Tower

“We had a 4D scan done at Window To The Womb clinic in Blackburn and asked them not to tell us the gender. They asked us to close our eyes and told us not to peek whilst they checked for our baby’s gender.

“They then had the information put into a sealed envelope and told us to hand it to the person organising the reveal.

"It was a very hard, but exciting, car journey home, knowing what was in the envelope and knowing we were about to just hand it over to someone else to find out before us.”

Nick and Amberleigh then contacted Blackpool Council, and arranged and paid for a private resetting of the lights in the appropriate colour. Costs to light up the tower at private request start at £500.

Nick and Amberleigh will welcome a little girl Harperleigh Jade Easton in August

Read more: Nick,a theme park inspection engineer added: “Obviously, with the restrictions on numbers allowed to gather, we wanted to wait until we could have as many people as possible to celebrate the event with us, even if this meant us waiting an extra eight and a half weeks to find out.

“But when the lights went on it was well worth that wait!”

Paul Burnett from Blackpool Council, the man behind the big reveal, said: “It was pretty nerve-wracking knowing that I was party to such precious information, but it was a pleasure to be able to light up The Blackpool Tower for such a unique celebration.”

The Blackpool Tower accepts applications for celebratory events, subject to review and availability. Please note charges apply.