Blackpool Tower and Fleetwood's Marine Hall light up blue for World Parkinson's Day

The Blackpool Tower and Fleetwood’s Marine Hall lit up in blue for World Parkinson’s Day.

Thursday, 14th April 2022, 4:55 am

The landmarks’ new shining blue look helped to show their support for the 145,000 people in the UK who live with the condition.

Parkinson's is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world, and while it predominantly affects older people, young people can be diagnosed with it too.

Currently there is no cure and not enough people really understand the condition which has over 40 symptoms.

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Blackpool Tower and Fleetwood's Marine Hall lit up in blue on Monday

Across the Fylde Coast, Parkinson’s support group volunteers coordinated iconic local buildings, businesses and members of the public in an effort to get as many on board as possible on April 11, World Parkinson’s Day.

Jane Molyneux, local Campaigns Officer, said: "World Parkinson’s Day is a great opportunity for us to show the thousands of people affected by the condition in the local area that they are not alone.

“Seeing that people are supporting them and willing to learn more is a massive boost for the community. It’s only by starting these important conversations that people will gain awareness and understanding of Parkinson’s.”

The events around the country are being delivered by local members of the community with the support of Parkinson’s UK. The charity is investing in groundbreaking research to find a cure, and is here to support everyone affected by the condition until it is found.

The Blackpool Tower lit up blue for Parkinson's

Paul Jackson-Clark, Director of Fundraising and Engagement at Parkinson’s UK said: “It’s an incredible honour for me and the charity to be working with such passionate and driven members of the Parkinson’s community to bring their ideas to life this World Parkinson’s Day. Despite the growing number of people living with a diagnosis - another 18,000 will be diagnosed this year - awareness is still low.

“By inviting people to talk about Parkinson’s this April, we hope that this will start to change, and that people with the condition feel understood and supported by their local communities.”

Visit online to find out how you can get involved with events as well as how you can help support people with Parkinson’s.

Blackpool Tower and Fleetwood's Marine Hall lit up in blue on Monday