Blackpool Scouts opens to four to six-year-olds with its first Squirrel Drey

Blackpool Scouts has welcomed its first Squirrels to the pack – the four to six year olds who are the newest branch of the scouts family tree.

By Claire Lark
Thursday, 12th May 2022, 3:45 pm

It’s a huge leap forward and is the first new age range in 35 years.

Leading the way is 7th Blackpool Scout Group based at the Freedom Centre on Langdale Road which saw seven children sign up for Squirrels.

At an age when minds are fizzing, when energy and curiosity levels are sky high and when their lives are full of wow and wonder, they soon got stuck in and had lots of fun with paint and decorating biscuits to look like a squirrel’s face and playing with a parachute.

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The newest additions to 7th Blackpool Scouts - the Squirrels

The development officer for West Lancashire County Scouts Jan Townley dropped by to talk to the parents about what scouting is all about.

The Squirrels will wear their own uniform – a stand out red sweatshirt which was aptly chosen because its the colour associated to the red squirrel.

Gabby Howson-Tax, the Squirrel leader from Blackpool Scouts said: ‘It was absolutely amazing to see our newest members laughing and smiling all night. I can’t wait to see how this journey will continue. Also our Squirrels have launched in the year of the group’s 50th anniversary!

“Squirrels offers the best of Scouts – learning by doing and getting into the great outdoors – combined with early years best practice of storytelling, routine, and play.”

So much fun at their first meeting

If you would like to get involved here’s how to join