Blackpool artist proves 'you can achieve anything' with new exhibition at Solaris Centre

A passion and talent for art helped a Blackpool man overcome many struggles in his earlier years of life - and his work is now being showcased at the Solaris Centre.

Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 12:30 pm

Robert Haworth, 47, lives on Whitegate Drive in Marton and has been a painter since the age of 10.

After moving from Blackburn at a young age to the resort, Robert spent his youth in various children's care homes and as an adult was homeless for seven years.

But after going to university and achieving a degree in fine art, he wanted to show others that anything is achievable if you believe in yourself.

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Artist Robert Haworth with his new exhibition at the Solaris Centre.

He went on to produce 170 art galleries in England, and his latest exhibition is being shown at the Solaris Centre in South Shore until August 19.

The gallery of expressionist paintings depicts his own emotions throughout lockdown, which he hoped would give visitors hope for the future.

Robert said: "I draw from my own feelings, I've been in the house a lot with lockdown so the paintings show how I've been feeling during it.

"I've put all different kinds of moods into them - when it's been hard, when it's been dark, because we've not been able to go out and we've been locked in.

Artist Robert Haworth.

"I think a lot of people will like the gallery, I wanted to show people that with the black times we've been through we can get through it. We can come out of it and achieve things."

As a full-time artist, Robert spends every day painting and sends a lot of his work to non-profit organisations.

He said his work is never completed for financial gain, and his only aim is to inspire others with art.

Robert continued: "I do it for inspiration, to show people you can come out of anything if you really try.

Artist Robert Haworth with some of his lockdown paintings, which are being shown in an exhibition at the Solaris Centre until August 19.

"I had a hard life, I came out of 39 children's homes. I lived on the street for seven years.

"But then I went to uni and completely turned my life around. I don't drink or anything like that - I just paint and try to give focus to people, really."