Artist Lucy strikes gold with quirky Farage painting

A Fylde artist has struck gold with an eye-catching painting of politician Nigel Farage she completed some time ago and had stashed in her attic.
Artist Lucy Morris with her distinctive painting of Nigel FarageArtist Lucy Morris with her distinctive painting of Nigel Farage
Artist Lucy Morris with her distinctive painting of Nigel Farage

The tongue-in-cheek giant depiction of the Brexit campaigner by Moneypenny Art, otherwise known as Lucy Morris, has been sold to a self-proclaimed ‘Farage fan’ – who wishes to remain anonymous – for an undisclosed amount including two gold sovereigns, worth £500 each.

It looks set to provide a further boost to her artistic career as well as her bank account, as since she put the Farage painting up on social media, she says she has been inundated with commission requests from around the world with the majority from America.

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The giant scale painting standing at 2 meters tall depicts Farage with his signature smirk, styled with Snapchat dog ears and snout, intended as a playful impression of the politician and his reputation.

It was left forgotten in Lucy’s attic until a friend of her dad’s commented on his appreciation for Nigel Farage and offered to take it off her hands.

True to form, the price paid for the one-off painting is undisclosed but part of the payment included the two sovereigns, dating back to Victorian times and each valued at £500.

Lucy Morris, a 33-year-old former pupil of Kirkham Grammar School, said: “I’d originally started the painting off as a suggestion from someone I’d be speaking to at a Chelsea gallery, however once finished I ended up sticking it in my attic with absolutely no idea what to do with it.

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“My dad’s friend who is a Farage fan ended up making me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

“Part of the payment was two gold sovereigns which I promptly sold on.

“While I myself am not a fan of Farage or his politics, considering the time that went into painting it, I wanted to give it to someone who would appreciate it and show it off in all its glory.

“I believe it now has pride of place in the buyer’s home and the reaction to the painting generally has been amazing.”

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Lucy, whose work as Moneypenny Art, is known for it abstract shapes and bold colours depicting well-known figures, paintings and fashion items, is proud to stay she gained a 100 per cent mark in her Art A-level at Kirkham, but her path towards an artistic career took a diversion via financial services.

She studied business and law at Manchester University before embarking on a career in financial services and later did art training in Edinburgh.

Now a mum-of-two, she promotes her work via Instagram @moneypennyart and YouTube where she shares videos into the painting process.