Andy the Meat Man donates turkeys to feed homeless at Christmas

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Every year up and down the country, Salvation Army centres and churches will be providing a hot Christmas dinner for any homeless person on Christmas Day.

Thanks to generous donors like butcher Andy the Meat Man, The Blackpool Salvation Army can make this possible for the local people in need.

Andy the Meat Man

Andy the Meat Man

Andy and his team, since opening three years ago, have always helped the homeless at the centre by providing the meat for the Christmas lunches, and this year will be providing turkeys for two homeless shelters, the other being The Next Chapter soup kitchen on Lytham Road.

Matthew also explained that The Next Chapter makes their Christmas lunches on alternate days to the Salvation Army, due to it being so popular and wanting to give everyone a chance to have a meal over the holidays. Homeless people can experience some festive joy and enjoy a hot dinner on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day at the soup kitchen and at Salvation Army on Christmas Day.

The popular butchers, at Unit 25 Arkwright Court, are also taking donations for the Salvation Army food bank, where anyone can donate any tins or long-lasting food. Over the years people have donated food whilst picking up their meat with just a couple of donations last year equating to a £20-£30 food shop.

Andy and others also advertise the need to help these food banks by displaying it in their shop and sharing it on their social media.

These food banks will be used all year round to help feed the homeless.