Community reacts to Newton Bluecoat Primary School,Newton-le-Scales placing ban on crisps

Readers have given a mixed reaction to a Preston School that has banned unhealthy snacks including crisps as part of a healthy eating drive.
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A community has responded to a school banning pupils from eating crisps as part of a healthy eating drive.

Newton Bluecoat Primary School came under fire from parents after confiscating a pupil’s bag of crisps for being unhealthy.

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An in-house investigation is currently underway at the school, in School Lane, Newton with Scales, after an ‘oversight’ saw a pupil’s packet of crisp be confiscated.

A dad whose children attend the school said: “They (the school) have started to confiscate crisps from the children at break time, in some instances leaving them hungry and without a lunch. It affects all children in Key Stage 2. I have two children in this age group.

“They attempted to ban crisps from school against the will of parents and most of the teaching and office staff. They tried to enforce this ban last year and failed. It’s leaving kids hungry and unable to focus on school work.

“Taking crisps away from children that are hungry, is brutal. Many parents and some staff have an issue with this rule that was brought in part way through this term. “Crisps are not unhealthy and are certainly better than nothing.”

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While some readers welcomed the initiative, others were less than impressed.

Zöe Jayne Bröwn said: “Absolutely ridiculous before putting in such a ban they many want to consider all reasons as to why they maybe having crisp given nowadays crisp in multipacks come cheaper than fruit and other healthy options. Taking that pack of crisp of that child may have ruined their full day making them not want to learn!”

Sheila Buss said: “It will be because they don’t want crisps to fill children up - i never gave my daughter crisps when she was little only got them at parties - i think the school is doing the right thing.”

Debbie Wareing said: “I dont have children at school but this is ridiculous, if they want to control what children eat then they should provide them with free meals with full dietary requirements. So many parents are struggling to afford send kids to school as there is a daily living crisis.”

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Lisa Murie Whittaker said: “Lots of primary school have the policy no crisps at break just toast or a healthy snack but allowed crisps at lunch time.”

Louise Norton said: “Bet half them teachers have crisps of some description with their lunch.”

Donna Carlin said: “They should be thankful kids are going to school with the mad increase of bus fares.”

Michelle Sweeney said: “Been like this for years here in Italy. The janitors / caretakers don't like cleaning the crisp crumbs. So they banned crisps.”

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Rachel Simmons said: "A ridiculous rule, it’s a parental decision as to what a child should be eating not for the school to decide. If they insist on taking unhealthy snacks off a child they should have to replace with an alternative so said child is not left hungry.”

Bernie Park said: "Omg what rights have schools got to say who eats what as long as the kids attend and learn.”

Eccles Damien said: “Good idea need more fruit and salad.”

Jeannette Ashby said: “In most primary schools children are not allowed to take crisps. So it's nothing new.”

Melissa said: “I remember when there use to be a tuck shop sweets christmas galore.”

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A school spokesman said that the pupil’s crisps would be returned to them at the end of the school day today (Monday) to consume ‘off the premises’.

She said: "Parents and carers are aware that the school has a healthy eating policy regarding break time snacks. Any snacks that do not adhere to this policy are returned to children at the end of the school day.

"We are happy to discuss any concerns parents and carers may have about the policy and how it is implemented."