‘Parents need to get a grip!’: Your views on vandalism and anti-social behaviour in Cleveleys

Just hours after police logged into Facebook to warn youngsters they face arrest for misbehaving in Cleveleys, trams ground to a halt after being blocked by hooded teenagers on the tracks.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 11:06 am
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 11:08 am
The vandalism in Cleveleys
The vandalism in Cleveleys

That followed a campaign of vandalism and anti-social behaviour which has seen the town’s bus station damaged, vile graffiti daubed onto the seawall, and youths caught on the roof of the shut Jubilee Park pub on the Promenade.

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Cleveleys gang: Do youths have no respect for the law anymore - or is there a sh...

We asked whether young people have respect for the law anymore.

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The vandalism in Cleveleys

Here is a selection of your views from our Facebook page...

This is what happens when discipline is taken away.Parents, teachers and police have zero power and the kids have the power instead.

We now have feral kids that don’t get told off and now they have no fear/respect.

Sarah Kozlowski

Charge thier parents for the cost of removing the paint.

Rachel Wilson

Correct!. They need to be made an example of.

Shame the parents.

Set a precedence that this will not be tolerated.

Pamela Ingham

They don’t care. Not taught respect.

Have everything handed to them on a plate.

Can’t smack them can’t shout at them can’t do anything! Shameful world we live in.

Jackie Hallam

Discipline begins at home.

Parents need to get a grip of the situation.

Colin Williams

Stick them in the cells for a couple of days!

Janet O’Connor

Makes my blood boil. I had a go at three teens causing damage at Marton Mere the other evening.

I did wonder later if it was the safest thing to have done but they got the message and left.

I guess having the dog with me may have helped. Sadly the Police aren’t allowed to do their job as they used to.

Rick Palmer

We were fearful of the law when we were kids. Unfortunately kids these days just aren’t.

Claire Hart

Until whoever is in power in this country gives priority to putting more police on the streets...this will continue... plus a major rethink on what is regarded as petty crime....

John Daly

There has always been teenagers like this, it’s just social media wasn’t around to highlight it all the time.

There are loads of lovely teenagers around.

Sally Killgallon

They’re feeding off their own notoriety.

Sophie Choudry

police logged into Facebook to threaten miscreants in Cleveleys with arrest,

What a laugh is this what we have come to,take away the police and threaten them on facebook that is sure going to help.

Ian White

It’s not lack of respect! They know they’ll get away with it!

Chan Collier