Palm oil found washed up on Bispham shore

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Palm oil was found washed up on Bispham beach.

Fleetwood coastguard was called at 6.50pm on Wednesday to reports of an ‘environment hazard’ in Bispham.

A coastguard spokesman posted: “The team was assembled on scene and it was found to be palm oil.

“This can appear following stormy weather from a ship that was wrecked of the Welsh coast many years ago.

“If you see any on the beach, please do not touch.

“Please be aware dogs love the stuff, but it is very dangerous and can lead to extreme illness so please keep your dogs away from it.”

Palm oil, which is dangerous to marine life and pets, has repeatedly been found washed up on beaches in Blackpool and the Fylde coast.

Earlier this year, the government announced plans to end the dumping of the toxic substance off British shores. Tankers will no longer be allowed to dump the substance in our seas during cleaning operations after the Government and European leaders agreed to outlaw the practice by 2021. All waste will have to be discharged to shore reception facilities.

Anyone who finds suspected palm oil on a beach should contact their local council.