A Word In Your Ear with Roy Edmonds - May 16, 2019

Elvis has entered the building . . . at least it looked like him, in close-fitting, tasselled leathers, and sounded like ‘the King’ too, with rocking 12-man (and women) backing band.

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 1:59 pm
Roy Edmonds

Excited anticipation ran through the audience at Lytham’s Lowther Theatre and Elvis, actually tribute act Chris Connor, didn’t disappoint. He hammered out classic rock numbers then spine-tingling, slower ballads in that distinctive style and quality which made the poor boy from Mississippi so great.

We’ve attended other tributes to pop legends, like Roy Orbison or Abba (even better looking than the stars), and not been let down once. Some nostalgia shows were the real thing, like Tony Christie or The Searchers (two of the originals anyway). Their musicianship is even better now and gallows humour flows in winning style.

It’s also refreshing to be entertained by pop ‘stars’ who don’t take themselves too seriously, nor cost an arm and a leg to see.

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“This reminds me of my favourite cake,” quipped Chris Connor, before singing ‘In The Ghetto’.

It reminded me of teddy boys and being allowed up to watch Bill Haley and the Comets sing ‘Rock Around The Clock’ on our black-and-white TV.

I wasn’t into Elvis; my first ‘45s’ being Cliff Richard’s ‘Living Doll’ then Adam Faith’s ‘What Do You Want?’ – before even having a record player (I went to friends). Another frustration, apart from girls, was my hair having a smaller ‘quiff’ than my older brother’s – though we both used pots of Brylcreem.

For any too young to remember, or others seeking nostalgia, catch up with the heady days of the 50s and early 60s on Talking Pictures archive film and TV channel.

Nowadays, I’ve grown into Elvis - so croon again, Chris! In the meantime a Rod Stewart tribute is heading to town . . .

Speaking of ageing, he wears it well too!

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