Rough sleeping, TV licence and dementia - here are the letters for June 26, 2019

Letters - June 26, 2019

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 3:54 pm
Homeless deaths

PM must put an end to this national shame

I’m appalled but not surprised new stats released from the ONS and the Government show local government funding cuts are hitting areas with the highest levels of homeless deaths.

Blackpool is the most disadvantaged local authority in the country and is one of the highest for estimated homeless deaths in the North West.

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The report estimated 12 homeless people died in Blackpool and Thornton Cleveleys between 2013-2017.

These figures show that the areas with the highest homelessness deaths are facing the deepest cuts. This makes the prospect of reducing deaths ever more bleak.

The Government’s £30m to reduce rough sleeping number has been pitiful so Britain’s homelessness crisis is set to continue.

The next Prime Minister must put an end to this national shame of people dying on our street and back our plan to end rough sleeping and build thousands more affordable homes.

Chris Webb

Parliamentary Candidate for Blackpool North and Cleveleys.


High costs and we still lose TV licence

Why does the BBC send news casters all over to give you a weather forecast? Last week Carol Kirkwood was at Royal Ascot wearing different hats and outfits, which must have cost a pretty penny, plus travel and accommodation for all staff must be huge - and we will end up losing our TV licence.




Fall in driving standards

I have noticed, for two or three years, the way a lot of drivers behave behind the wheel. They turn in or out of roads with no indication, sail through amber and red lights and ignore the frequent speed signs.

The reports you print in your paper are very common - no licences or insurances yet these motorists just carry on driving. As the volume of new housing is increasing at such a rate, I am worried about the number of cars which will also increase.

God help the decent folks who drive properly.

Dave Ford

via email


Nominate now for dementia awards

The nominations for Alzheimer’s Society’s 2019 Dementia Friendly Awards are now open.

Our Dementia Friendly Awards celebrate and promote the achievements of individuals, organisations and communities leading and inspiring a change that will transform the lives of people affected by dementia forever, challenging misunderstandings, changing attitudes and taking action.

There are nine award categories, from the Trailblazer of year, implementing an innovative idea, to the most Inspiring Young Person of the year and Dementia Friendly Organisations. This year we have one special award, in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Society’s 40th Anniversary, the Lifetime Achievement Award, recognising meaningful action over 10 years or more, to positively impact people affected by dementia.

It couldn’t be easier to enter, unite against dementia now by nominating yourself or someone who has inspired you. Nominations close on Friday 9 August.

Tara Edwards

Alzheimer’s Society


Jeremy Hunt... where do I start?

Jeremy Hunt... where do I start? If a politician was ever a puppet who says and does what he is told it’s him.

He did a pretty good job of destroying the NHS, alienating the workforce of doctors, and would - no doubt - do a good job of agitating for war if he did become Prime Minster.

Fortunately that won’t happen, we shall instead have another puppet on the strings in the shape of Boris Johnson, although in his case, he is perhaps a little more of a loose cannon with some of the puppet strings detached from his arms.

But for those who still believe politicians have any power, including at PM level, they need to look to see who is pulling the strings. Globalists from the shadows, that’s who, so don’t expect to be leaving the EU in any meaningful way, no matter who you vote for.

Emma Ashcroft