Letters - Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Government website cost us dear at airport

Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 3:45 pm
Going on holiday

We had booked our trip to Denmark with EasyJet from October 17-24 for the half term of our grandchildren in Copenhagen.

I checked the regulations carefully before we left.

Our government website says: “You must complete a passenger location form online before you arrive in the UK.”

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As we would be returning Brits, I assumed this did not refer to us.

However, when we reached Copenhagen Airport for the last plane on October 24, we were not allowed to board because we did not have a passenger location form.

A costly nightmare followed. Our son and daughter-in-law were brilliant sorting it out so we could fly home on the 27th.

Please could you make your readers aware of this in case others have been caught out by the ambiguous wording on the gov.uk site.

Sheila Seymour

Address supplied


Give over-60s a travel pass

A Shipman (Your Say, Too many cars on our roads, November 3) speaks with more sense than we are ever likely to hear from our Prime Minister or Government.

If the UK really wanted to reduce carbon emissions and energy or resource use, granting the over 60s a free travel pass might be one of the single best ways to do it.

It tackles old age poverty, reduces the need for older couples to have cars and tackles social isolation.

It might even stimulate our tourism industry or help reduce the damage of air travel, by encouraging people to take hotel breaks at home and avoid flying. But Boris Johnson, our gaffe-prone goon of a PM, normally prefers useless schemes which damage the environment and cost vast billions of pounds we cannot afford as a nation: HS2.

J T Hardy

via email


Boris’ Britain is now a banana republic

When John Major stated that Boris Johnson’s government was ‘politically corrupt’, he wasn’t just referring to the attempt to change the rules in the shameful Owen Patterson affair.

The government is proposing to reduce the opportunity for judicial review of any of their potentially illegal decisions; deter non-political organisations from campaigning for policies the government dislikes; reduce the powers of the independent Electoral Commission; reduce the right to protest; and suppress voting by groups less likely to vote Tory. Not a bad list for a right-wing dictator in a banana republic? Just like Sir John, we should call it out for what it is - CORRUPTION.

Mike Baldwin

via email


No ‘climate emergency’ in Fylde

It might surprise your readers to learn that in Lancashire, only Fylde and Ribble Valley did not sign the Climate Emergency Declaration.

Wyre Council have now been given a bronze award for some of their work.

Apparently Fylde have decided there is no emergency.

A quick glance at the projected flooding map published by your paper or the information produced by BFWTUC Trades’ Council would have shown them differently.

Anne Fielding

St Annes


Words of advice for Greta Thunberg

I have got some bad news for climate change activist Greta Thunberg. There are too many people on the planet, last count was eight billion. Two hundred years ago there was I believe one billion.

While she is trying to cool the outside of the earth down how about trying to cool the inside of the earth down because that is still red hot ever since the earth was born as a ball of fire, after going through many transformations there are many catastrophes because of active volcanos and earthquakes still present.

I suppose she can always do less of the ‘blah blah blah’ and perhaps listen to what Michael Caine said at the end of The Italian Job,..... ‘Hang On a Minute Lads I’ve Got a Great Idea’. Spoken in a cockney accent of course.

Barry Carr


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