Letters - Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Treat workers with dignity and respect

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 3:45 pm

The Government has backed down on its commitment to boost workers’ rights after ministers failed to include an employment bill in the Queen’s speech.

Pre-Covid in 2019, the Government promised that it would bring forward a new

employment bill to improve people’s rights at work.

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Two years on, no legislation has been brought forward and with the absence of any outlined legislation within the Queen’s Speech, we can see that workers’ rights are bottom of the list when it comes to this Government’s priorities.

The pandemic has exposed the reality of unsafe working conditions and practices for many of our key workers.

With the economy still to recover from the full effects of Covid, many workers still find themselves in insecure employment.

Not only that, many companies are using the horrible tactic of fire and re-hire and zero-hour contracts to exploit workers who are worried about losing their jobs.

The tactic of fire and re-hire is one example of this type of exploitative practice as it allows employers to fire workers and then re-employ them on less favourable terms and conditions of employment as a cost-cutting exercise.

Even before the pandemic, one in nine workers – 3.8 million people – were already in insecure employment, meaning they did not have access to basic rights at work and could be dismissed at will.

It is estimated that because of fire and re-hire tactics, this number will grow and the knock-on effect of that is many more people are in insecure work and at risk of falling into poverty.

The Government talks about “Building Back Better”, but we will never “Build Back Better” if that building back involves insecure work and exploitative employment practices. As we come out of the pandemic, we need to ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and respect and put an end to these exploitative practices.

County Coun Julie Gibson

Lancashire County Council Labour Group Shadow Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration


Why make it so hard to dump rubbish?

I see that both Blackpool and Wyre have created obstacles at their refuse tips which encourages fly-tipping !

Having loaded my small trailer with rubbish from a DIY job I went to Fleetwood tip.

‘Have you got an appointment ? Sorry you can’t tip here!’

They told me to try Blackpool, which l did.

‘Have you got a permit? Blackpool asked. ‘Sorry you can’t tip here!’

You couldn’t make it up. Try and do the right responsible thing and you get turned away.

Only local councils could create such disincentives to decent citizens.

K. Fitton



What do you mean by word ‘Scots’?

In reply to the letter ‘No Wonder Scots Want out of UK’ (Your Say, May 12).

The word ‘Scots’ is regularly used by the media, but there is confusion that Scotland only consists of Scots.

Could it be the New Scotland, New Scots linked to the referendum?

During indy ref 1, franchise was extended to all voters living in Scotland, no matter what their country of origin. The question put to voters was positive - ‘Do you agree that Scotland remains part of the UK?’. This allowed the SNP to campaign for an upbeat ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’.

There were 16 and 17 year olds who had been specially franchised for the occasion. Citizenship in a modern Scotland was to be found not on race or heritage but on residence in Scotland alone.

During the recent election in Scotland we were told that Nicola Sturgeon ‘had a dream of independence’.

It could be a nightmare for some expat Scots. The First Minister is determined to bring independence to Scotland at any cost. Only her favoured view is acceptable to her.

T. Devine, a leading expert on Scottish history, wrote a book on Scottish Diaspora. He pointed out from 1950-60 we got the first generation of inward migration of English people, who for Scotland was the biggest immigration group. What is fascinating is he also commentated on Scots movement over the centuries as shadowy and mysterious.

A quote by Douglas Stuart, who lives in the US says: “My Scottishness is not a coat. It’s not something you can take off and leave behind, it informs everything I do in the world and how I carry myself.”

I belong to an old Scotland, now gone. I always remember the past, and have got lots of books on it. My father’s family were forced to leave the Highlands to find work. My parents married in Blackpool.

Name and address



Name the East Stand for Jordan

Blackpool Football Club’s management should seriously consider naming the East Stand the Jordan Stand.

A naming ceremony could be held before the first home match of the 2021-22 season, in the presence of Jordan Bank’s family and friends.

Ian Jackson

Park Road


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